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How to deal with depression

Depression is a mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, and loss of joy. It is different from the mood fluctuations that people regularly experience as a part of life.

Introduction to Photography

Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, usually via a digital sensor or film, to create an image. With the right camera equipment, you can even photograph wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye, including UV, infrared, and radio. The first permanent photograph was captured in 1826 (some sources say 1827) by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in France. It shows the roof of a building lit by the sun. We have come a long way since then.


The story of medusa is a rather ill fated one, she is one of many women through history, folklore, myths and legends to have met her end due to the greatest tragedy of all, a blighted love affair. In greek mythology Medusa which meant guardian or protectress, was the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, one of the three Gorgons. Her siblings have been described as dreadful monsters but not Medusa, she unlike her

From being ‘Nothing’ to ‘Millionaires’ : BTS's journey to Fame

And the award goes to Bangtan Sonyeondan!’ In 2016, BTS were taken by surprise when their name was announced at the MMA (Melon Music Awards). In an often-shared video, the band looks surprised, with BTS leader RM uncertainly standing up, shocked. It’s their first Daesang (Grand Prize), infusing hope in them again as they had come close to disbanding. BTS leader RM (AKA Kim Namjoon) who is usually the most composed and eloquent, is


When we talk of Bloody Mary we often think of the legend of Bloody Mary, the phantom or spirit conjured to reveal the future. Historically according to the folklore the divination insinuated that young women walk up a flight of stairs backwards holding a candle and a mirror with the lights dimmed. As they gazed upon the mirror they could see the face of their husband or otherwise see the face of the grim reaper indicating that they would die before getting a chance to marry. Over the years the folklore has been

Fashion as a Form of Self-Expression

You may not be aware that the average person makes 20,000 decisions each day. You might not realise it, but one of the most significant everyday choices you make for expressing your identity is what to dress.

Pride and Prejudice: Significance of the Title

In most cases, the major concept of a book or other literary work is implied in the title. From the title, it is clear what the author will focus on in the literary work.

Books in the age of Digital Precedence

There has been a gradual shift in the reading trends over the years with the onset of digitalisation. Physical books have been overruled by ebooks and digital books. Yes, it is inevitable to deny that this in a way has made reading a lot easier in more ways than one. A digital book is simply an electronic format of a physical book, writers and authors gravitate towards this sort of publishing because in comparison it is a lot cheaper than the traditional way of publishing. A digital copy would take up less physical space, you have more access to reading material with the touch of a finger. But even then, printed books are still prevalent in the modern digital era. As a child I loved the smell of old books, the air that lingered around the library, the joy of finding a new book that would tweak my interest. Scientifically it is said that most children love the smell of books because it reminds them of vanilla which is actually lignin a component found in old books that emits that smell.

Questioning? The Future's Destiny

Man is a tool in the hands of destiny. Though he knew the past but cannot change it man can change the future timeline. If we overcome the barriers of the past and pre we can make our destiny beautiful. Now my topic will make you think about the ques of the future. I have two questions which will make you think about the destiny o future. My first question is Will there be a World War III? 

Mary - Queen OF Scots

Mary was in many ways a woman way ahead of her time. In an age where women were not deemed as significant as their male counterparts, her story sparks a debate among historians till today. Her life was nothing short of romanticised glory in terms of her romantic as well as political life. Her story has been told numerous times through the years by authors, historians, poets and even depicted in movies as series, a woman who has till today been a muse for many. Perhaps the reason why her story attracts the audience it does is because it is one of tragedy, romance and dramatic allusions.

Bollywood And Its Stereotyping

Bollywood, one of the biggest industries, has propagated erroneous perception and stereotyped communities, identities, and gender. Stereotyping is the generalisation of a person or a group to a certain behaviour or object. Based on how they appear from the outside, it is a false assumption about them. It can be entirely or partially incorrect.


Things Fall Apart, a well-known book written by Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe and part of the African Trilogy, was first published in 1957. The culture, superstitious beliefs, customs, and ceremonial practises of Igbo society are all explored in this book. Things break down examines the impact of Western Colonialism on Igbo society from an African perspective. This essay aims to shed light on the effects of post-colonialism on Igbo society. Missionaries in Africa were removed by Europeans, yet it has been demonstrated that the interactions the Igbo people and the whites had both adverse and favourable effects. Here is mostly on the effects of colonialism, which are crucial to the progress of knowing the history of Africa.


Pretty much every physics textbook could go out of date in the (not so distant) future. Physicists might have tantalising evidence of a fifth fundamental force of nature. According to particle physics, there are four fundamental forces, namely Electromagnetism, Gravitation, the Weak force and the Strong force. In terms of strength, the Strong force ranks at the top, while gravitation secures the second position, followed by the Weak force and finally Gravitational force.


I will never forget this weird experience of mine throughout my life My parents decided to admit me to a new school. I was happy as well as sad because going to a new school means parting from my old friends. I was happy and very excited. I would be going to new surroundings, 1 would have new teachers to teach me my lessons, new friends, new experiences, new challenges and of course, a new lifestyle. It was a

The Evolution of Music in Film

Why Music is important an important aspect in Film? The perception of film as a whole is that it is purely a visual experience. Not at all. We undoubtedly watch films with our eyes, but we also undoubtedly hear them with our ears. Particularly now, with cutting-edge home and theatre sound systems that provide multi-channel sound and high fidelity.

Indian Culture

India is a country that gloats of a rich culture. The way of life of India alludes to an assortment of minor interesting societies. The way of life of India contains clothing, celebrations, dialects, religions, music, dance, design, food, and workmanship in India. Most critical, Indian culture has been affected by a few unfamiliar societies over now is the ideal time. Additionally, the historical backdrop of India's way of life is a few centuries old.


Yoga basically began in the subcontinent of India. It has been around since old times and was performed by yogis. The term yoga has been gotten from a Sanskrit word which means essentially association and discipline. In the previous days, the supporters of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism rehearsed it.

Fake News And it's Social Impact

Fake news refers mainly to misinformation and disinformation that is spread through person to person through mouth and media, either print or digital for communication for example edited videos, memes, advertisements and social media propaganda or rumours. Fake news is defined as stories purporting to be news that is intentionally and verifiably false and can misinform and mislead readers. The UNESCO

PUBG: The cursed game

When you start to spend more and more time doing something, it becomes an addiction. This leads to ignoring all the other things. People get addicted to various things and activities; one of such things is game addiction. Right now, PUBG is one of such games to which most people get addicted. People start to spend more time playing this game and not doing any other activities. The people who are addicted to this game keep on playing this game the whole day. They don’t even care about doing any other activities besides playing the game. However, when playing this game, they forget everything around them and are stuck into the false world.

Gemini Mythology

The story behind the Gemini constellation is such a fascinating one. It is said that the constellation is made up of two twins - Castor and Pollux. There are many myths and legends surrounding the two twins, regarding their birth, their life and death. One of the most popular one goes as such. Gemini in Latin translates to twins and so the brothers were called Dioscuri which means “sons of Zeus”.

Aristotle's Theory of Tragedy

Tragedy is an imitation of an action that is grave, complete, and of a certain magnitude; in language embellished with each kind of artistic ornament, the various kinds appearing in separate parts of the play; in the form of action, not of narrative; with incidents arousing pity and sympathy; with which to carry out the Catharsis of such emotions is dread.


Innovation is viewed as another subject of schooling since it's equally important. it's changed into a necessary piece of schooling. lately presumably you would like to understand your prospectus or have to be compelled to conclude a couple of purpose, the sky is that the limit and accessible on the online. you'll be able to hit these assets with the help of various innovations.   However, within the nowadays once innovation has changed into a basic piece of coaching, understudies quickly get various selections to handle their inquiries. There square measure numerous stages and applications wherever understudies will likewise raise their queries or have a live cooperation with their educators. coaching has advanced a lot. you'll be able to likewise check up on the imprints, within the spare time activities people accustomed get qualification barely nevertheless lately it's something however nothing to joke concerning. Innovation has created instruction promptly acce

Clash of Clans

What is your town hall level? how have u arranged your base? Have you unlocked the wall-breaker the dragons and the balloons? What is the number of your trophies? Truly have immensely fallen in love with this game and can visualise nothing except than those archers and giants when I close my optics. During the free periods we have no topics to hash out other than Clash of Clans and our "that special one". I am not addicted to it rather it has taught me various lessons which I can link it with my life…

How Communication Has Evolved Through Social Media

The world appears to be getting smaller as communication and information move through the air at an ever-increasing speed. As a result, especially in light of the current infatuation with social media networks, this alters how the world communicates.

School Life, Expressing it in a Digital Way

School life is the best part of one's life. So now let's add some digital essence to it. The tenure is just more than a tenure, around 12 or so.

Durga Puja: The Biggest Festival of Kolkata

Kolkata is often referred to as the cultural capital of India, situated in Eastern India lopsided Hoogly river. With the great rich traditions, colonial architecture and beautiful music and art, this city has a very unique character. As a home to brilliant artists like Satyajit Ray and Rabindranath Tagore amd many others, the people of this city have a special appreciation for Art, music, literature and cinema. This city also provides an unparalleled religious and cultural experience of Durga Puja each year.

Let Food Be The Medicine

For the first 5000 years of civilization, humans relied on foods and herbs for medicine. The healing properties of food have been reported by cultures worldwide throughout history. However, the past decade has presented an explosion of dinical research to show specifically what health benefits Individual foods can offer. While pharmaceuticals have their value, we should not forget the well-documented, non toxic and inexpensive healing properties of whole foods.

Social Media Platforms as Primary News Sources

Nowadays, many human beings get each day restore of information and contemporary affairs through social media. Information networks have also established a presence on platforms where they can use social media to enlighten their consumers about news and current events. One can study extra approximately the trends and modifications in records dissemination with the aid of using getting to know this subject.

Is This Generation Gap?

Even today when I recall my past, I become nostalgic when I think about my school days. Even today 1 can touch them, I can feel them when I close my eyes. Those were the golden days of my life. But at the same time, I cannot understand the mentality of the students of this generation.

Keep The Love For Learning Alive

The desire to learn is surely innate. If fed and nurtured properly, it will set a child up for a lifetime of learning and discovery. Sometimes rote class room learning threatens to destroy the inborn zest to absorb new things as children advance through school. Don't Let it! Read on to find out ways in which you can

Rise of the Novel during 18th century

Novel as a literary genre emerged in the beginning of the 18th century. It also can be said that paved the way to the rise of the middleclass and it also created demand for the people’s desire for reading topics related to their everyday experience. The novel therefore developed as a piece of prose fiction that presented characters in real life events and situation.

Sleep Paralysis By Namira Khan

What is sleep paralysis? As astonishing as it may seem, not many understand what sleep paralysis is and if they have ever experienced it. But studies show that an individual will have at least one to two episodes of sleep paralysis throughout their lifetime. It is a condition under parasomnia, which includes a number of

INSIDEOUT - how emotions are reflected by colours

The term “feelings or emotion” elicits a variety of responses in colorful people. Some people prefer not to suppose about their passions, while others work through them quietly but no way share them with others, while still others embrace their feelings and are relatively comfortable agitating them. Feelings have long

Women Empowerment By Prerana Yadav

A famous saying of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is "To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves. In India, to empower the women, first it is necessary to kill all the demons who are killing women's rights and values

The Positive and negative effects of Social media on today’s generation

Social media is a combined term for websites and applications that focus on communication, community-based input, content-sharing, interaction and collaboration. People use social media to stay in touch with friends, family and various communities. Social media has both, positive effects and negative effects. And when it comes to effects of social media on teens, those pros and cons are significant. On the plus side,

The Imagery in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

The imagery in Macbeth is characterized by subtly, variety and imaginations. A truly poetic taste unlike any other Shakespearean drama or play is given to the characters, ideas, and advances throughout the play thanks to the imagery's richness and constancy. It  is used to set the tone of a passage, provide contrast and irony to the scenes.

Bengal Theatre During 19th Century

Calcutta’s popular culture emerged in the nineteenth century as a stylistic amalgamation of folk culture and urban patronage. Dramatic performance through the means of jatra pala, theatres, and folk plays was one of the primary expressions of popular culture that flourished in Calcutta. The form of jatra evolved from a song and dance ritual that was once a feature of rural religious celebrations.

Cyberbullying By Sriparna Mukherjee

Bullying is a form of purposeful aggression characterised by a disparity in strength or power. It is typically repeated over time. Bullying has historically included behaviours like beating or punching (physical bullying), making fun of someone or calling them names (verbal bullying), or intimidating someone through gestures or social exclusion. Technology has recently provided children and young people new ways to bully one another.

Oscarville : The black city buried under the Lake

Lake Lanier is the most popular lake in the southeast and is the largest lake in Georgia. The water in Lake Lanier comes from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. In 1956, the Buford Dam was build on the south end of the lake and turned the area’s Chattahoochee and Chestatee Rivers into Lake Lanier.

Theatre of Absurd

In reaction to World War II, Theatre of the Absurd became born. In order to expose a World that can not be logically explained, it combined existential philosophy's basis with dramatic additives to provide a shape of theatre that may be summed up in a single phrase: Absurd! Because it hired strategies that sounded nonsensical to the theatre industry, it must come as no wonder that this shape of theatre took some time to capture on.

Communicating Compassion through Photography by Aritri Ghosh

Photography is the art and practice of creating images by recording light, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film. It is employed in many fields of science, manufacturing and business, as well as for art, film and video production, hobby, and mass communication.

Mary Wollstone craft’s A vindication of the rights of women as a ground breaking work of literature

A vindication of the Rights of Women, a ground-breaking work of literature by Mary Wollstonecraft, continues to have an impact on feminism and human rights. In it, Wollstonecraft addresses the political and educational philosophers of the 18th century who opposed women's education.

How SMARTPHONES are disrupting Public Relation

Mobile promoting is dynamic each space of our lives. it's conjointly dynamic each business moreover. Mobile is totally different. it's distinctive, it is fast, and it's fast okay within the palm of your hand. Mobile promoting has forever modified the method advertisers will communicate with their shoppers.

The Shadow Lines- by Amitav Ghosh -as an eloquent critique of colonial hangover

In the novel The Shadow Lines, post-repercussions colonialism's on society and culture are discussed, along with riots, cultural aberrations, migration and its effects, political unrest, religious conflicts, identity crises, a sense of belonging, and more. The Swadeshi movement, World War I, the partition of India, and the communal riots in Dhaka and Calcutta in 1963–1964 were all mentioned in the novel's historical backdrop. The narrative centres on a Bengali family. Ghosh illustrates the suffering and difficulties faced by people in the midst of intercommunal conflict and migration as a result of India's Bengal split through his fictional characters. This book sheds attention on the oppression that victims of oppression experience. This book sheds attention on the oppression that victims of oppression experience. The novel pretty well captures the misery they experienced. The author openly tracks postcolonial concepts throughout the book to demonstrate his interest in pre

All Time Great Cricketer Sourav Ganguly

Previous Indian Cricket player and Captain of the Indian public cricket crew, Sourav Ganguly, otherwise called the 'Dada' or 'Ruler of Calcutta'. He was brought into the world on seventh July 1982, in the city of Kolkata. His folks lived in a region called Behala in Kolkata. His mom's name was Nirupa Ganguly, and his dad's name was Chandidas Ganguly. Left-gave Ganguly was a right-given medium-quick bowler. As of now, Ganguly is the President of BCCI. He was known to be a forceful and fruitful skipper.

Evolution of Women characters in Bollywood

Cinema, otherwise known as Motion Picture or film, brings joy and amusement to a lot of Indians. Indians have made Cinema an integral part of their lives. Every generation, from kids to adults, finds it fascinating. Films in itself have encountered Evolution. From no colors to full of colors, from multiple reels to a single showreel, from zero graphics to VFX, so many things have changed through time.

Magic Realism By Sriparna Mukherjee

Since the 1980s, expressions like "magic realism," "magical realism," and "marvellous realism" have proliferated and grown absurd. These terms appear to be made up of contrasting words. It is required and mandatory to fill out a form that illustrates the relationship produced by these mutually incompatible phrases. Of the three words described above, "magical realism" has grown in popularity in recent years.

World Chocolate Day- Prerana Yadav

Celebrated on 7th July every year, to celebrate the invention of chocolate. The World Chocolate Day Foundation is a non-benefit association that was established in 1984. Their central goal is to "advance instruction and appreciation for chocolate all over the planet." They accept that chocolate can be delighted in by everybody, no matter what their social foundation or diet limitations.

Importance of Non-verbal communication in work environments

Communication is the production and exchange of information with meaning by the use of signs and symbols. It involves encoding the message and sending them and receiving the message and decoding them and interpreting the information and the meaning.

OTT Platform VS Theatre

The majority of internet users are now drawn to OTT platforms. The OTT has significantly improved the entertainment industry's standard of performance in recent years. The majority of people turned to OTT services during Covid-19 since all cinema theatres were closed at the time. These internet platforms appeal to individuals mostly because of their flexibility and high-quality content.

Climate Change And Globalisation

Naturally occurring changes in solar irradiation Climate change is caused by volcanic activity and Earth’s orbital characteristics. A portion of the solar energy entering the earth reflects back into space. But some of this radiated energy is absorbed by air gases. The earth is warmer than the moon because of this. If these natural heat-trapping properties were not present, the earth’s average surface temperature would be about 33°C lower (IPCC, 2001). The gases that trap heat energy are known as greenhouse gases.

Digital Media in Today’s WorldO

We live in an exceedingly speedily developing and progressive era wherever technology is taking charge in each walks of our life. This technology might associate with several advantages and downsides as well. Each development is thanks to fast modernization, improvement of recent administration strategies and therefore the Usage of recent technology to form things even better.

What is Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a series of superhero movies made by Marvel Studios. The movies are based on the characters from American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The franchise also includes books, short films, digital series, and television shows. The shared universe was created by combining related narrative points, places, cast members, and characters, much like the original Marvel Universe from comic books.

The Doors Of Kamakhya Temple Opens For Devotees As The Ambubachi Festival Ends

After the end of the four-day Ambubachi Festival, the doors of Kamakhya Temple in finally opened up for the devotees on 26th June. It is believed that the Goddess of the temple undergoes her annual menstrual cycle during these four days.

Rath Yatra- The Sacred Journey

The Rath Yatra, also known as the festival of chariots, is observed by followers of the Hindu deity Lord Krishna. Hinduism and the manner the Gods are worshipped are fascinating since the Gods can take on several forms based on the emotion being shown or even the region of the nation. The Rath Yatra is a religious celebration that shows Lord Krishna in his joyous avatar, commonly known as Jagannath. The idol that represents this joyful state has big eyes and a rough face. During the Rath Yatra event, this manifestation of Lord Krishna is paraded through the streets on a massive chariot called a "rath" before being worshipped at a temple in the heart of Jagannath Puri. A citywide parade lasting ten days. The idol of Jagannath is carried in a ten days procession in the city of Puri alongside the images of Lord Baladeva and Subhadra Devi, two other Hindu deities. It is said that the three gods are brothers and sisters. The largest Rath Yatra festival is held at Puri, a city and

School Life, Expressing it in a digital way

School life is the best part of one's life. So now let's add some digital essence to it. The tenure is just more than a tenure, around 12 or so.

Social media : A virtual state of society

Social media influence on the dynamics and nature of the society could be a far-fetched topic one thing that desires no introduction and is exclusively booming attributable to the clear audience engagement on every and each one in all its established platforms. Be it a replacement sort of journalism or a tremendous promoting tool, social media could be a full-fledged community; engineered on your digital screens.


Since the beginning of humankind, people have been known as social animals, and neurobiology holds that this trait makes people naturally sociable beings who enjoy interacting with others. It has been proven that having relationships with friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers helps people bond and, as a result, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.