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OTT Platform VS Theatre

The majority of internet users are now drawn to OTT platforms. The OTT has significantly improved the entertainment industry's standard of performance in recent years. The majority of people turned to OTT services during Covid-19 since all cinema theatres were closed at the time. These internet platforms appeal to individuals mostly because of their flexibility and high-quality content.

The debate between OTT and theatre is brought on by the quick rise of online platforms. OTT will not have any regulatory authority to prohibit offensive content that streams on web platforms until 2021. And since they expose things at an excessive degree that the audience can allow, OTT platforms become so popular.

Theatres were shut down for over two years. However, this is not the only factor in why people have begun to adore the OTT platform. The public does not appreciate the type of art and craft film that has recently been shown. People want something authentic rather than the same old love drama or over-VFX fighting scenes. That criterion can be accomplished pretty easily through OTT.

Both serve as platforms for artists to distribute their content and give performances to amuse the crowd. Yes, OTT has recently dominated the entertainment sector, but this was the case for other sectors of the economy during the Covid era as digital platforms replaced traditional ones. Yes, it is also true that OTT continued to produce high-quality material while cinema failed to supply it. However, we have found that audiences now appreciate it when certain movies give that substance. Additionally, the theatre sector is quite large, and the OTT platform will need to put in a lot of effort to compete. If online streaming services want to prevail in the OTT vs. Theatre rivalry, they must offer outstanding content.

The number of paid users to OTT (over-the-top) services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. has grown significantly during the COVID pandemic. A few movies have recently been distributed directly on OTTs. Theatres face fierce competition as new OTT platforms continue to develop.


Perks of OTT platforms
• We can see the content anytime we want, just as with OTT. OTT platforms offer ease and flexibility.

• Some people who reside in distant places lack access to theatres. Additionally, some people find it challenging to attend movies because of a condition or other limitations. All users can access OTT platforms and watch the material from their homes.

• The cost-effectiveness of OTT services for binge-watchers. People can watch a tonne of movies and other stuff for just a monthly fee as they don't need to pay for each individual movie.

• Small-budget film producers occasionally struggle to get their films into theatres. Additionally, they cannot afford to invest so much money in marketing the film. It can be a little challenging to draw audiences to the theatres when there are no well-known actors in the film. OTT platforms are a blessing for them. They can connect with more people.

• OTT platforms are producing original films, which are praised for the high calibre of the content. This is pushing conventional filmmakers to rethink their methods and produce better work.

• With the rise of OTT services, NRIs (Non-resident Indians) may now view Indian movies with ease.

• We can watch movies in other languages because many OTT services offer subtitles. This service offers us a huge selection of content options.

Perks of Theatre

• There is no content streaming service that can compare to the experience of watching a movie in a theatre.

• Meeting up with loved ones to watch movies together in a theatre strengthens bonds and relationships.

• Many professional and unskilled individuals find work in theatres.

• Many individuals must visit theatres in order to view and enjoy 3D and 4D films. Therefore, OTT services cannot entirely replace theatres.

There is significant room for expansion for OTT platforms. They cannot, however, take the role of theatres. Both are expected to stay and keep the crowd entertained for the foreseeable future.

The finest content serving platform will prevail in debates pitting OTT against theatre or vice versa. OTT is now doing a great job of delivering that, but certain content producers are encouraging violence and nudity, which will turn off a lot of viewers. People will choose movies if they can successfully meet the desires of the audience. Therefore, choosing amongst them is a personal decision because everyone has different preferences.

Sriparna Mukherjee
Amity University, Kolkata


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