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Keep The Love For Learning Alive

The desire to learn is surely innate. If fed and nurtured properly, it will set a child up for a lifetime of learning and discovery. Sometimes rote class room learning threatens to destroy the inborn zest to absorb new things as children advance through school. Don't Let it! Read on to find out ways in which you can

actively keep your child's love of learning alive. School's not only about academics. When your child's in school he's learning how to socialize and enjoy others. He is learning how to express himself through art, music and physical activities.

Let your kids know what you enjoyed about school and tell them your "stories about it. While conversation is good, parents can really step up the game of instilling a love of learning in their child by providing concrete experience. Parents in particular have more time and resources to do this than regular class teacher.

Parents play a game and make it a pleasurable situation; kids tend to learn more and they learn it faster because it's fun.

The excitement and love for learning you display definitely spills over to the child. No need to paint yourself as all-knowing be open to admit if you don't know anything Introduce yourself to teachers, go to school's functions, meet the folks who work in the front office and reach out to principal. All of these things will create a trust circle in your child. Send positive message to your kids about what you know regarding their teachers and classes.

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata


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