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PUBG: The cursed game

When you start to spend more and more time doing something, it becomes an addiction. This leads to ignoring all the other things. People get addicted to various things and activities; one of such things is game addiction. Right now, PUBG is one of such games to which most people get addicted. People start to spend more time playing this game and not doing any other activities. The people who are addicted to this game keep on playing this game the whole day. They don’t even care about doing any other activities besides playing the game. However, when playing this game, they forget everything around them and are stuck into the false world.

PUBG (Player Unknown’s BattleGround) is one of the most renowned games played by both youths and adults all over the world. PUBG is owned and managed by PUBG Corporation. This game is basically an action game focussed on combat. The features of this game, like the war room, graphics, multiplayer experience, and real life-like themes, make the game more interesting and addictive. PUBG mobile game was launched on July 30th, 2016, and since then, it has remained on the top while introducing new features and other interesting gameplay and modes, never letting their players get done with it.

When the game got released for Windows, it received excellent reviews. When it got released on mobile phones, it caught on like wildfire. The craze for this game has spread amongst all age groups across the world. Mainly, students and employees are the most affected of all who are addicted to this game. It is better to term them as PUBG players as it also became a trend to be addressed as PUBG players compared to their real-life names. Even the names that PUBG players used in their profile were more famous than their real names. This addiction became more aggressive with the multiplayer experience, playing with all our like-minded friends and having a sense of team in the team matches.

This game somehow provoked the players to live in an imaginary world and they also got emotionally invested in it. The addiction of this game was also given a platform with official PUBG battles being sponsored by many multinational companies and these events became a cricket world cup equivalent for PUBG players, where they were provided with ranks. This addiction to PUBG rose to its height when YouTubers started uploading live gaming videos to make money. Now, those who weren’t playing the game started watching videos and ended up being indirectly addicted to it. PUBG gives this beautiful world of imagination to its players, which at some point, makes it difficult for the players to differentiate virtual reality from real life. They start finding this world of PUBG so marvellous and full of action that they tend to ignore the real world. The costumes based on different events, different types of guns, and vehicles are all part of this game. The Royale Pass was like icing on the cake for both the owners and PUBG players. These players were even ready to buy special items just to show off to their friends.

Harmful effects of PUBG addiction
There are very harmful effects of PUBG game addiction.
• Research found that the mental ability of students, mainly their concentration power, decreases tremendously if they are one of the addicted PUBG players.
• people tend to cut off from their social life and live in the imaginary world of PUBG.
• Interestingly, Chicken Dinner is something that they become obsessed with and they don’t leave the game unless and until they achieve it, leading to a generation of anxiety and stress among the youths, even in the younger kids.
• It also affects the professional lives of the employees as they tend to skip meetings and fail to meet their target, just to play this game. Something similar happens with the students, as they start skipping school, thereby reducing their academic performance.
• Personal relationships are also affected and that can be of any family member or even with one’s wife or husband.
• Playing PUBG for several hours can cause severe obesity and it leads a person to suffer from severe health issues. It weakens the muscles and joints of a person due to inactivity and being in the same place with the same posture for a longer period of time. This can lead to incorrect posture effects permanently.
• eyesight will severely get affected due to staring at the screen and reflection of light from the screen while playing it for a longer time.

Some youths got killed in railway tracks just because they were playing a PUBG mobile game with their earphones plugged in, due to which, they could not hear the sound of the coming train. A husband was so engrossed in playing PUBG all day that upon being asked by the wife to stop playing, he demanded a divorce. Even a youth got himself killed as he stopped eating food and drinking water due to playing the PUBG mobile game.

It is very essential to control your PUBG mobile game addiction because of the above-mentioned harmful effects and the seriousness of the problem. There can be many ways to tackle this addiction. First of all, the person should make up his or her mind that he or she has to get off playing PUBG games and the PUBG mobile game should be uninstalled from their mobile. Also, start spending time with your family members and friends who do not play the PUBG mobile game, and try to avoid meeting your pro PUBG player friends. Try to build a hobby apart from gaming so that you can divert your mind and attention away from the PUBG mobile game.

Aritri Ghosh
Amity University Kolkata


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