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Clash of Clans

What is your town hall level? how have u arranged your base? Have you unlocked the wall-breaker the dragons and the balloons? What is the number of your trophies? Truly have immensely fallen in love with this game and can visualise nothing except than those archers and giants when I close my optics. During the free periods we have no topics to hash out other than Clash of Clans and our "that special one". I am not addicted to it rather it has taught me various lessons which I can link it with my life…

First, your defences should be potent enough to withstand any kind of attacks. My friends always used to comment on my fallible and frail base, even I had to lose many of my trophies for it. My defences were not enough strong and upgraded, moreover they were scattered in such a manner that they were of no use in spite of their presence. You need to have a strong position to avert and defend any kind of abusive comments. And be proud of your qualities, they are all your canons and mortars which will keep protecting you, but never forget to upgrade them!"

Secondly, I love my clan "D Deathwarriors it’s the only place where my friends turn into my clanmates. I love the way we play together. During the early times of the game everyone was promoted as co-leaders which led to the misuse of power. When I was promoted, my clanmates repeatedly asked me not to start any war which really disgusted me a lot, but believe me i was not acknowledged only how to start a war. Later it was decided to have one powerful and an unattackable leader and only deserving seven as co-leaders. Now a days we all thoroughly enjoy the team wars, though we were defeated hard in the last war. We never blame anyone. Maybe such a cooperation presented us the upgradation of our Clan Castle to level 2 with extra resource storage and all." See friends, without cooperation there are no alternatives which can help u reach victory in future. Don't change circumstances according to you and your wish. change your desires according to the circumstances. Accept the weeds with the beautiful flowers that come on your route."

Lastly there's a weird lesson which I learned from COC and which I hate to follow. Actually, it coincides with many of the philosophies and even my parents make me conscious about it every now and then. If you start embellishing your COC village with those flags, flowers and all, there will be a time when you will be short of your "elixir. “Our parents and those about whom we come to know after their death has taught us that don't spend rather don't waste your worthful time on those business which are not for your age. Not for my age! These words make me red tempestuous. They often make us conscious about our careers and tell us to experience all types of fun after a strong and active life. It's really true but only to some extent. I strongly oppose all these. I believe that If we upgrade our resources and then our minds, no God sitting in heaven with extreme powers can make u a wreck with short of coins and elixir Who says that only after the level 8 one should decorate their villages? Once was also in a great quandary because for a girl like me my parents' comments are all for me, I do least care what others think. So, a last message "Be strong in your academics or in any other field with which you have decided to build your future. This is the only way bribe my parents. It may sound funny for some and weird for some but what think is that neither my parents' nor my happiness are compromised with anything else. They are happy with my results and am enough happy with my mischieves which don't want them to know. have seen some of my friends who feel that their special one" will cease to exist from their lives because of career. I don't fancy, I do firmly believe, loyalty to all matters of life is equally important. You can blame no one, no matters responsible for your shortcoming If you are detoriating it's only because of your most grievous and perilous enemy whose name resembles with your name and whom you can see if you stand infront of a mirror."

Life is a continuous battle; it does not matter how many wars you won and how many you have lost; what actually matters is that you FOUGHT, LEARNED, and SURVIVED.

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata


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