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School Life, Expressing it in a Digital Way

School life is the best part of one's life. So now let's add some digital essence to it.
The tenure is just more than a tenure, around 12 or so.

Teacher be like " APPS  "  who configured this device, giving lot of information on various subject bring SYSTEM UPDATE daily with new topics. Books , articles project works class assignment are just like ACCESSORIES associated with this device. Class Test, half yearly exam, final exam be like SERVICING of the system. And at the end of each session,we get UPGRADED to the HIGHER VERSION (class). Friends be like the FUN APPS of the system who plays the adorable part in the tenure.

But as the month, year pass by, the device get filled with up a lot of information, fun topics,eyc and one day , after 12 years, the device gets exhausted and takes a lond sleep……a forever sleep . But still the CHIP within the device remains active and finally becomes eternal as the chip is our own memory which is cherished with all love and memorable incidents that had taken place in this beautiful span of 12 years

Its been 12 years, and those years remain the most decisive years of one's life, because from the time we step out from the institution to face the world, till we bud our last goodbyes, we will NEVER forget the ones who taught us, the ones who captained our hearts and motivated our minds into being who we are…

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata


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