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Questioning? The Future's Destiny

Man is a tool in the hands of destiny. Though he knew the past but cannot change it man can change the future timeline. If we overcome the barriers of the past and pre we can make our destiny beautiful. Now my topic will make you think about the ques of the future. I have two questions which will make you think about the destiny o future. My first question is Will there be a World War III? 

60% of the people say this question, but my friends there are many possibilities for the World War III to place between 2018-2023 (according to the statistics from the internet). Yes, probability is giving a shock to you all then friends it is just the beginning. And World War III happens the entire world will be ruined - Albert Einstein told. The wor like a thread on which we walk and if the thread gets snapped the entire world wil destroyed and the people will fall down. Now, the world is in such a situation no one stop the world from getting destroyed. So, there is no use of aiming an eye to the sy because the world's future will not sustain any longer.

My second question to you my friends is about our past, present which will decide our future's destiny. The question is -"are we civilized?" According to me the answer is yes, we the people know how to fight, to wat to hate that is the sign to be civilized. So, what is the use of education if there is no signature of brotherhood, friendship and love! It is like being uncivilized. We have just improved scientifically not mentally. One thing that civilized people can do is to fight. The sign of education is that there is a war going at a place at every 1 hour. The ultimate creation of the ultimate power of GOD was the human beings but now there is no difference between a human and a wild animal. Yes, now you all will say that country Pakistan always tries to capture India. The Indians will keep quiet. No, absolutely not. The Indians will also follow the third law of Newton. But my question is not only to India it is to the world. What is the need of uncivilized wild war? Stop! Stop the war and start to learn how to stay at peace. The terrorist was the creation of the violent human culture. We all have done mistakes but we can change our mistakes but at this very point of time it is too late. But one thing we can do is to make ourselves feel happy by helping others, so that when we all die, we can hold our hands and have a peaceful death. Soon the best creation of God will get ruined but still this dam-buzzle. Wild human creature will not stop. My friends have you ever thought how many people do not have the privilege to get electricity, water supply and education in India even after the 70th Independence Day 70 years have passed after independence but still this condition is still there. Not only in India but many other countries as well. The Rich is becoming richer and poor is becoming poorer Because of these wild human creatures the World War III is going to take place. The God the silent guardian, a watchful protector cannot do anything to stop the destruction of the world, only it can make our unholy days extend. If anything has been created it has to be destroyed by nature but the destruction of the world is man-made.

So, my friends we cannot change the ultimate destiny. The thread is going to he snapped, already there is a big cut done, we cannot stop the thread to get snapped bat the only thing we can do is to make the thread whiter.

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata


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