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I will never forget this weird experience of mine throughout my life My parents decided to admit me to a new school. I was happy as well as sad because going to a new school means parting from my old friends. I was happy and very excited. I would be going to new surroundings, 1 would have new teachers to teach me my lessons, new friends, new experiences, new challenges and of course, a new lifestyle. It was a

wonderful school and was quite amazing. The school building was spread over large acres of land. At first, I used to miss my mom and dad very much but my new friend, Lisa, made me feel better. She was my roommate in the school hostel. She became a very good friend of mine. We both helped each other in our studies. She was the one who helped me overcome the homesickness from which was suffering during the initial part of my stay in the hostel. We used to study in the same class and used to share all my daily happening with her. I used to chat with her, play with her and do everything with her. It seemed as if I was incomplete without her and she was incomplete without me.

One fine day, I was walking through a corridor when I heard someone screaming loudly. I thought that the noise came from the bathroom but, when went into the bathroom, there was no one. I got an eerie feeling and rushed back to my classroom. I, at once, told Lisa about it. She became quite uncomfortable at the narration. She started ignoring the discussion and changed the topic. got the impression that something must be wrong. Another day, saw an apparition which was walking towards me. Few days later, as opened the tap in the bathroom, I saw a red liquid gush out of it. When smelled it, I found that it was blood. At times, I used to hear strange noises and the screams of a girl. All these incidents which happened with me made me force Lisa to tell me the secret which she had been hiding from me for a long time. She told me that a month before joined the school, an incident had taken place with a girl who accidentally fell from the terrace and died. She told me that everyone still believes that her soul has not got peace and is roaming about in the school building She told me that she didn't believe in all such things but, I truly started believing in it.

That night, to get some relief, I telephoned my mother. She picked up the phone and started talking but, I recognised that it was not my mother's voice but the voice of a young girl. She told me-"I'm Kaveri, the girl who was pushed by my friends from the terrace. But no one knows the truth that it was not an accident but my friends did it as I was the first ranker in my whole class. I won't leave anyone of them who did that with me. I'll kill all of them! “I was really shocked. At that point of time, I heard someone scream-"HELP, HELP! “Lisa entered the room at that very moment. She had heard the scream and looked nervous. Both of us decided to find the source of the sound. We both went down through the stairs of the school building. We heard the noise grow louder. As we reached infront of the chemistry lab, we could hear the screams very prominently. I decided to wait outside and she went in to check. We both had torches with us. The screams ceased soon. I waited outside for a long time but when Lisa didn't return. I went in and was shocked to see Lisa lying on the ground with acid on her entire body leading to her death. I screamed at the top of my voice when suddenly, I remembered that the ghost had told me that she would kill all of them who had killed her. That day, I was shocked to know that the girl who had always been so kind to me was one of those who had murdered Kaveri, the innocent girl. Thus, I lost my friend, Lisa.

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata


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