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Is This Generation Gap?

Even today when I recall my past, I become nostalgic when I think about my school days. Even today 1 can touch them, I can feel them when I close my eyes. Those were the golden days of my life. But at the same time, I cannot understand the mentality of the students of this generation.

Really, is it generation gap? I do not understand whether they are too much practical or they become pressurised by us-that means by the parents. Nowadays most of the students spend fast life, they pass the time through social networking sight. Today two students of the same class are not friends, they are just competitors. They cannot share joys and sorrows with each other, they always ask how much the other has achieved in the exam-A1 or A2. They never share the stories of Apu Durga'. Chander Pahar", "Bomkesh Bakshi, 'Sherlok Holmes. Agatha Christi, Dickens, Gogol, Tolstoy. They never recite the poems of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Najrul, Wordsworth, Keats, Robert Frost, William Blake. Rabindrasangeet is nagging song to them. They never enjoy 'Abol-Tabol'. Perhaps we do not want that they read it, we always want how many Private Tutors we can afford. We admit them in drawing classes but never encourage them to draw pictures, at that time we send them for the notes of physics teacher or english teacher. We never encourage them to read the text books by themselves. If they forget an answer of a question in an exam, we become so depressed that it is the end of their lives.

Gradually they become frustrated for our too much pressure. They cannot love the books, enjoy the syllabus, that they will go ahead to know the unknown. If they read sincerely. know perfectly, obviously they will get marks, will become successful, nobody can pull them back all through their lives. We snatch their childhood, their likings-disliking. We force them to take the subjects of our likings. There is no importance of their choices. We are making them arrogant, adamant. We cannot give them time but compensate by any kinds of things which they want.

Gradually distance is created between parents and children, and instead of parents they start searching interest, make friendship through Facebook, enjoy late night party and so on. Perhaps we criticise them as we become afraid of facing the truth that we have created them in this way. When they were born, their brains were like white paper, we have written on this what they will be.

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata


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