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University of South Australia delegation departs India after launching the industry-led Bachelor of Digital Business

A University of South Australia (UniSA) delegation has capped off a successful visit to India with the official Indian launch of its industry-led Bachelor of Digital Business degree at the Australian India Business Exchange AIBX) this morning.

Attending alongside a number of Australian Government representatives, including Austrade CEO Mr Xavier Simonet, as well as key Indian education sector officials, UniSA Chief Academic Officer Mr Tom Steer said he was pleased with the outcomes of the Indian mission.

Mr Steer said: “We’re proud to join forces with Austrade in showcasing our innovative industry designed and delivered curriculum to India. Whilst we have officially launched here today in Bangalore, this has been part of a bigger global mission to take the Accenture-UniSA partnership to the world. Earlier this week we showcased our new degree in Kuala Lumpur, after launching it on campus in Adelaide and virtually earlier this month, and there are future events scheduled for Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and Taipei.”

The Bachelor of Digital Business is part of a ground-breaking partnership with global professional services firm Accenture in Australia. The degree aims to equip students in India with the necessary knowledge and applied skills to meet future global business needs for the digital economy. Students can apply now (applications close 16 December 2022) for a February 2023 commencement in Adelaide.

Mr Steer said: “I echo the comments of the Indian Union Minister for Education, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Mr Dharmendra Pradhan, who on Tuesday said that there is a new ‘digital lifestyle’ taking shape in India. UniSA is keen to be part of India’s need for filling skills gaps to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, and doing so at any level: undergraduate, postgraduate and even short course professional development required by Indian Government, industry and education institutions. We have years of experience in delivering successful transnational education programs as well as the provision of online learning, plus we’ve established excellent relationships in India, making UniSA a strong choice in an education partner.”

Outside the AIBX launch, the UniSA delegation joined by an Accenture representative also hosted a high-level event for CEOs and senior leadership of leading Indian education agencies as well as officials from the Australian Embassy including representatives of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission and Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Mr Steer said: “This mission has reaffirmed that we have designed the right degree for the world’s changing workforce needs. Because there is industry content from day one of the degree, it has the potential to be a game-changer in producing job-ready graduates who will transition seamlessly into employment, armed with practical knowledge and the ability to solve real-world problems. Not only that, but it will also produce future business leaders, capable of leveraging digital technologies to create real business value in the new digital economy.”

With intelligence gained from this Mission, the UniSA delegates will now return to Adelaide to consider future innovative offerings under the UniSA-Accenture partnership, which is likely to extend beyond undergraduate level qualifications.


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