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Rethinking Tourism: A need for today

Tourism is widely acknowledged as a key pillar of development and opportunity. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a specialized organization of the United Nations in the field of tourism, has chosen the topic "Rethinking Tourism" for this year to emphasize the chance to rethink how we do tourism. According to a UNWTO concept note, "this includes putting people and the planet first and uniting everyone from governments and corporations to local communities under a shared vision for a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient sector."

Rebuilding tourism confidence is the largest task, and travel is the only way to do it. It must incorporate both a child's joy and wonder and an elderly man's knowledge. This is the right time to reconsider tourism and meaningfully remake it with a new sense of responsibility. People are turning to the tourist sector to help them find relief, thus the theme is certainly appropriate at this moment. This includes rethinking tourism for the development in terms of education, employment, capacity building, trained human resources, and of course, tourism's impact on the environment and opportunities for more sustainable growth.

The people have to think about the new dimensions of the tourism. The sports tourism, Destination management companies, Wildlife tourism, Rural tourism, Adventure tourism should put on the top of mindful concern for the tourists when they are planning for the trips. During the trip, the tourists should put the factors like safety, security on the top consideration after the pandemic. The tourists need to be self responsible, while travelling and they need to rethink about the tourism possibilities .The new digitalized possibilities can be generated empowering travelers to travel safely. Without causing a loss to the destinations, it is necessary to market the destinations and utilize their maximum potential. A change from everyday life to experience something new and different, implies the search for variety, is the novel tourism aspect as being widely discussed with the theme “Rethinking Tourism” amid the World Tourism Day Concepts and programs.

This is a time to rethink tourism after the pandemics; there is a need to “Revive, Restructure, Regenerate” the tourism possibilities. The time has come to reshape the tourism policies which can make the tourists self responsible and can create maximum positive impact on tourism. To rethink about one of the major economy generators in the world is not easy but also not difficult. Every challenge come up with a solution and the catalyzed creativity. There is a need to showcase the history, tradition, and hospitality to the world once again. For this, the communities will be able to rebuild themselves without the need of outside aid and will be able to serve the tourists all around the world.

Travel will continue to change as we go into the new normal as a result of trends that will influence traveler preference. The travel industry and tourist boards have the invaluable chance to improve how we serve to today's traveler by "Rethinking Tourism". Therefore in the present time, tourists will try to make themselves more happy. This World Tourism Day thanks to the ongoing cycle of shifting travel patterns and shifting traveler feelings.

-Dr.Ruchika Kulshrestha
Asst.Professor & Programme Coordinator (Tourism)
Amity School of Hospitality
Amity University ,Gurgaon


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