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Things you will get to learn in an internship

Today is my last day as an Intern writer and I enjoyed part of it. Internship is an experience gaining job where We learn the vital parts of working in an actual field job. Even though my internship was a Virtual one. Still I learned fruitful things. Even I once had a thought of whether I would be able to do such jobs or not. Part of me was not ready to be working like a professional.

Like me even You must have heard these funny incidences of people saying that all they did the entire internship was bring coffee for the seniors. For some places it might be true but hey these are part of work love right but the most important part of internship is what you get to learn from your workplace that will help you in your professional life further. From multitasking to how to make professional friends.
Internship teaches you everything.

So, here are the things I learned at my internship

1.    Teamwork
I am used to teamwork in college but teamwork in internship was way different. I got a chance to work with people that I didn’t know. Teamwork is important in any work. You must learn to work with people whether they are easy to work with or not. It helps you to deal with different kinds of people with distinct mentality from one another. If your workplace had diversity than mine then your knowledge will boost up twice with facts and information from different genres and fields. Plus. It’s always helpful to learn about human psychology when you work in a team.!

2.    Meeting the deadline
I was blessed with an amazing industrial mentor so once in a while whenever I was late, I got away with it but not many are as lucky as me. So, I think another thing I learned in internship was to meet the deadline in time. No matter how many personal responsibilities you are carrying or any technical problem you are facing. There is always a solution to everything when you give priority to something. So, I learned to meet the deadlines even if I was left with less time. Now I work faster than I used to in college!

3.    Exploration
I got a huge chance to explore my strength and weakness and what kind of job I am capable of. I got to experiment with my style of work and how it will be effective for the result of my work. So, internship does help to find the best of you. It is more of an exploration journey of what you are capable of. Of Course, the professional guides and mentors do help to make polish your edges and make you shine. Make our work better.

4.    Friendship is the key.
If you can be friendly with people you can do anything. Your friend will become a source and also help you with your work. If you are friendly enough you can make your work environment peaceful and helpful. Being friendly creates a positive vibe that actually makes people want to work with you and it also keeps your temper issues at par. You don’t want to show your bad sides to your boss. Now do you? So, I learned that keeping a friendly personality Infront can actually make your work easy. Whether it be acquiring information or getting your things done.

5.    Learn from your mistakes.
THIS IS YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE not a real job. So, an internship will help you to learn from your mistakes. It’s ok to make mistakes. Your mistakes will reach you how to grow from them. It will help to realize what the best way to achieve your goals is. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions or feel dumb about it. You are learning. So, if you think that you aren’t capable of doing an Internship then you are wrong. You won’t know of your capabilities unless you give it a try.

Internships are fun experiences of working in the real World. It will reach you more than what your college Taught you. Whenever you get a chance to do an internship, Go for it. Plus, it makes your CV shine more too. It’s better to have a second hand experience before you jump into the world of possessional because the professional world is harsher than what we get to see in college. Internships are just the trailer of the movies that is yet to be realized. So, buckle up your seats and ready for your summer internships.

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata


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