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The Duties of the Citizens towards the Nation

Citizen-it primarily means someone who lives in a city. But nowadays, the same term is used to identify people of a nation. Thus, in today's world, citizen stands for nationality.

Every society has some rules and regulations to be maintained by its citizens in order to take their motherland to the zenith in every field. These rules are there to maintain peace, harmony and unity among them. Some of these laws are written down and punishments. are presented for disobeying them. But there are a set of laws and rules which are not written down, though they are as important as the others. Peace and harmony of the society depends upon the proper observance of both these set of rules. A good and responsible citizen takes as much care of these unwritten laws of conduct as of the written laws.

Unfortunately, in our society, the latter is not at all cared of. Still, many of us throw banana or orange peels on road. Spitting at road corners and corners of stairs are a habit of some people. We never think of the consequences that can be caused by these peels. Not only does it make the street dirty, but it also gives rise to a painful time in a person's life! We usually waste filtered water by leaving taps open, and later on complain the authorities for shortage of water. We forget to switch off lights and fans when not in use and then shout standing before electricity offices during power cuts. We stand in front of doors of public vehicles though there is space to sit, never thinking of the difficulties faced by the other passengers

Don't these examples exhibit a lack of civic sense? A good citizen not only avoids breaking the rules himself, but also ensures that others don't break them. We expect peace, harmony and happiness from our society, but it's not possible without the co-operation of its citizens?

As today's children are tomorrow's future, so they must ensure that they help the authorities in maintaining law and order and peace by all means and for the general happiness of all.

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata


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