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Sri Chaitanya Announces India’s largest Scholarship Programe of Rs.1000 Crores

Want to boost your skills through a competitive approach? Want to pursue prestigious and high-quality school education? Want to pursue foundation courses and test preparation exams such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, or NEET with scholarships? Want to join a larger ecosystem of motivated learners spread across India?

The answer is SCORE STEM Challenge Scholarship 2022. Backed by 36+ years of academic excellence and expertise in producing top rankers year on year, SCORE STEM challenge 2022 by Sri Chaitanya, is poised to bring forward the nation's most refined intellectual minds so that success becomes a big possibility. This is a platform for students of classes 1 to 13 who are looking for school admissions, foundation courses, and test preparation exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, or NEET and want to avail scholarships for the online & offline courses.

The logo for India’s largest scholarship worth 1000 crores was unveiled today in Hyderabad. The main objective of SCORE is to find and support meritorious students who are facing challenges to have an opportunity to get quality education are not able to do so only because of weaker economic conditions. Top rankers in the exam will receive global standard mentorship from highly qualified faculty and the finest coaching for IIT/NEET/AIIMS and all such competitive exams.

Speaking on the occasion, Sushma Boppana- Academic Director of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institution & Co-founder, Infinity Learn, said that “SCORE STEM Challenge Scholarship 2022 is a very important event for Sri Chaitanya Group as it symbolizes the efforts of the institution in fostering talent, aptitude and skills over the decades. It’s in the mission of the institution to find, identify, train and create tomorrow’s leaders.  Sri Chaitanya Group has been relentlessly conducting many industry-leading educational initiatives, employing innovative methodologies and instruction methods to bring about revolution in the education sector”.

“Sri Chaitanya Group has always had a passion to bring education to everyone and particularly to the classes that didn’t have the access to quality education. The whole philosophy is fostering social progress through education. This is the cornerstone on which the institution still operates. The group has committed itself to supporting meritorious students from underprivileged backgrounds who often don’t have the opportunities to make their dreams of higher education a reality.” added Seema Boppana, Academic Director, Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools & Co-Founder, Infinity Learn.

Ujjwal Singh - CEO & President, Infinity Learn stated, “SCORE STEM Challenge Scholarship 2022 is a great opportunity for students to gain the scholarships needed for continuous education. This is especially beneficial to students who are forced to discontinue their education due to economical constraints and have no other avenues for financial help. Since Sri Chaitanya believes strongly in the upliftment of the underprivileged and closing the achievement gaps between different economic groups, we have earmarked Rs.1000 crore for scholarships and other exciting rewards.”

The SCORE STEM Challenge 2022 will be conducted on the following dates.
ONLINE 26th August to 30th November & OFFLINE: 18th September, 16th October, and 13th November. The last day for registration is 3 days before the exam date. Students can take the test from anywhere in India by signing in to Infinity Learn website or visiting Sri Chaitanya campuses. Students from grade 1 to 13, studying in any institution affiliated with either state, central, or international board as Students can register and enrol for this Scholarship exam.

Students taking the SCORE STEM Challenge Scholarship 2022 can win up to 100% scholarship apart from other exciting prizes like fully paid trips to NASA, Laptops, Smart Watches, etc. The results will be announced on 15th December 2022.


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