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Packaging and Distribution of Beer: Do’s and Don’ts

Beer is a special beverage for many reasons. It is something we can enjoy while relaxing, being with our friends, on a staycation etc. Different size, shape and material, you name it and it is there.  But of the many reasons that makes it special it that it comes in various kinds of packaging. The packaging reflects the pride of the beer industry and also sets beer apart in terms of versatility from the other alcohol

beverages. Also, it is so diverse that it’s a difficult task to assess the performance of all types of packaging based on the regions as in each area the packaging is influenced by the local laws, regulations and culture.

Many beer brands start with a heritage and a vision for their product and as they start appealing to the segment of market over time, they make changes in the packaging which rips the product off of its character, culture and identity. Getting the right packaging which stands true to the brand is necessary. There are some mistakes that brands often make with the packaging. Brands just try to be funky or hip, but if that’s all they do as packaging. The customer would feel blocked while recalling the brand. The thing is your branding should still be alignment with the basics of branding. If it’s too crowded with elements and font that’s unreadable, no one will be able to re call it. Hence, just think of Who and What, i.e., Who am I and what do I offer? Once you know it perfectly you can take elements from it and come up with a packaging that aligns with these elements. If your brand talks about being ‘rich and dark’ take these as elements for the packaging, if its masculine than make it accordingly.  

Your product packaging should reflect the authenticity as this is what the millennials and youth look for. Next, must no the quality grade of your packaging material that is glass. Follow the trends of packaging but don’t follow blindly. Only take up the trends which suit your brand’s identity. The other important part is FDA guidelines and labelling. As a brand, never violate any FDA guideline as it can hamper the credibility of the brand. Make sure all the necessary information is there in the label before you send it for printing and don’t cut out any information just to fit the size of label. If you do so, there are chances that you miss out some important parts. As we all know it all starts with consumers, so, one must know their target audience like the back of their hand. So, offer what appeals to your consumers. Also try including as much ‘green’ packaging elements as you can like soy ink for printing the labels. It’ll help you with positive image building as many consumers now-a-days are into organic and environment-friendly products.

Just like packaging that we mentioned above, the other aspect for brewer is to focus on their distribution plans and how they can they improve it over the time. It is only possible when they know their distribution channel well and know how to do with the work even on the internal level and with retailers. For the success of a distribution plan a brand must be consistent with the products’ quality as it plays a major role in your establishment in the market. If customers are not satisfied with what they are being offered, they might start looking for other options. So, it is necessary for the brand to be consistent and have a high-quality product to deal with heavy competition in the industry. Being the most social industry, personal-touch and interactions, human capital and word of mouth remains the most successful marketing methods and aids to the distribution as well. Another important step in distribution is putting your own people in the market, that is, brewery’s people visiting local bars and restaurants to communicate with retailers and analyzing the demand. Communication is a key, not just for beer industry but for all existing industries. Next comes customer awareness and for this sampling is required. Brewers can offer as many brewery visits as they want and is possible for them. And the best you can do is to be keen to learn. The more you interact with your brewery partners the more you and the partners will understand the distribution variables.  This will serve as an edge to you for standing out among the competitors.

Avneet Singh,
Medusa Beverages Pvt. Ltd


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