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Happiness? What is it? Something which everyone wants in their life. Someth is the most wonderful feeling of the world. Happiness is when we get some want to become happy eventually. When we achieve a goal which we had asp long time we become happy. When someone surprises us, we become happy. many other instances where we become happy.

But when something is taken away from us which is precious, when someone ryder to us, leaves us, those moments are when we become sad, i.e., we experience ling of simply not being happy So here are some useful tricks which one can use lo sitpl become happy.

Like exercising, seven minutes are enough. Not only does it keep you healthy but als scientifically one becomes happier. Another famous saying "Money can’t buy you happiness is true! Spend time with family and friends, with those people who understand and care for you. Everyone likes being taken care of and it’s a wonderful way to become cheerful. Like planning a small trip or a picnic with loved ones. Another useful trick is helping others. After helping someone we experience a feeling of self-satisfaction which is like fuel in the fire of happiness. Meditate. It's the best way out there. And yeah, don't forget to tune up with happy music!

There are so many reasons to become happy. Taste the richness of life to its fullest Because the value of a moment is realized only when we have them as memories Always remember that one minute of sadness is equal to sixty seconds of your life lost in saess. Stay happy, Be happy

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata


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