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Bhumi partners with Tiki to give back to the community on the 75th Independence Day

To commemorate the 75th Independence Day, Bhumi, one of India’s leading civil society organizations, partnered with short video platform - Tiki to run a series of community welfare initiatives across the country. With this initiative, Tiki and Bhumi aim to educate and sensitize the citizens to work for a greener and better India. In line with Prime Minister Modi’s Independence Day speech, the initiative was a step towards a ‘Viksit Bharat’ (developed India).

On the 14th and 15th of August, Bhumi with Tiki jointly ran Food Distribution, Plantation, and Traffic Awareness drives in the National Capital Region.  More than 50 volunteers from Bhumi and Tiki participated in these activities. Over 400 meals have been provided to the people in need; over 170 saplings were planted for a greener India; and over 70 people were educated about traffic rules. The idea was to celebrate 75 years of India’s Independence by contributing to society.

 “We want to thank Tiki and Bhumi for giving us a chance to meet up for such a charitable cause. My family group has 97 members and we all love contributing to charities. We have done more than 20 charity meetups before this,” said Sehajpreet Kaur, Tiki Family leader, and City Ambassador. Hers was just one of the 104 charity meetups organized by Tiki Families happening on Independence Day. Over 1,000 Tiki creators were doing charities in 47 cities across the country to celebrate the independence of India.

Talking about the partnership, Ian Goh, Co-Founder & CEO, Tiki said, “We are delighted to partner with Bhumi as they share our vision for a better tomorrow. These social initiatives are the latest in a series of efforts by Tiki along with its creators as responsible citizens. We believe creators from the social media industry can be a strong supporter of social good and Tiki is the one pioneering that.”

“Bhumi has always stepped up to tackle issues concerning our society – be it in the area of civic issues, environmental challenges or making sure that a child does not leave education due to socio-economic reasons. What I like in here is the passion of every volunteer to bring about a positive change around them. In my journey of 7 years of volunteering, I have witnessed Bhumi volunteers acting as a catalyst of change through projects such as Ignite, Nakshatra, Eco-Champs, Think Green and many more. If India ever declares a national habit for our citizens, it has to be Volunteering for the Society”, said Sonal Kumar, Delhi Lead (Bhumi NGO).

Over the past decade and a half, India has made great advances in social welfare and has decreased the proportion of undernourished people to 16.3% of its total population from 21.6%. However, there is greater ground to cover in the domain of road safety, as one road accident occurs every minute in the country. These initiatives will help solve such problems by raising awareness and providing timely aid to the needy.


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