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Dr. K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation & Educational Society Organized CME Programme and Workshop

Dr. K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation & Educational Society organized a four-day CME program with workshop on ‘Cell Culture and Regenerative Medicine’ at Frontier Mediville, Thiruvallur District, Chennai from 14th to 17th December 2021. With an initiative to provide hands-on training to candidates in cities and villages about methodologies to grow most transplanted solid human organs such Kidney, Liver, Heart, Lungs and Pancreas.

This training is first ever in India at Frontier Mediville (Dr. K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation & Educational Society) to provide affordable healthcare opportunities to patients. This treatment has very less complications and is easily adoptable across India.

Four day elaborate scientific deliberations took place and the programme was inaugurated by Prof. K. VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. The programme was attended by prominent personalities like Padmabhushan Dr. T. Ramaswamy, Former Secretary, Department of Science and Technology and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Dy. Drugs Controller representing the Drugs Controller General of India.

The main objective of the CME program and workshop was to discuss on the approach to research in newer medical technologies to advance and discover clinical solutions. The growing demands for much needed transplant organs has gross mismatch with regard to supply. The regulatory restrictions, logistics and the need for anti-rejection treatment comes in the way of patients getting transplanted. Growing organ from own cells will not have rejection. This workshop being affordable healthcare to India. Dr. K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation & Educational Society is the first to bring in the concept of “Bio-Hospital”, inspired by the amalgamation of traditional and modern medicine, thus a holistic approach to overall treatment.  
Dr. K. M. Cherian welcomed the Guest of Honor Padmabhushan Dr. T. Ramaswamy, Former Secretary, Department of Science and Technology and other delegates attending the event. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Dy. Drugs Controller representing the Drugs Controller General of India, also stressed on the need of traditional medicine in his session on AYUSH, the holistic approach to healthcare,

The Cardiac Transplant pioneer Dr. K M Cherian, Chairman, Dr. K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation & Educational Society said “With cardiovascular disease the leading cause of death, cell culture and cardiac regeneration has become a topic of interest worldwide. Frontier Lifeline Hospital is constantly adopting new technologies to offer best treatment to the patients.”

Speaking at the event, Prof. K. VijayRaghavan highlighted the importance of basic research in this country and the translation of Regenerative medicine in to clinical practice even though ideal but cannot be materialized due to many reasons. The most important aspect is implementation of affordable health care.

Dr. Robert Klempfner, Director - Innovation Center, Sheba International, Israel and Dr. Kathy Jenkins, Prof. of Pediatric Cardiology, Harvard University, Boston were some of the key speakers who took part in this recent Innovative Health Care.

Dr. Ramaswamy stressed on the need for the Government support and talked about the projects which are available under DBT, TDB, CSIR schemes.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar emphasized on the need for newer drug discoveries and India has not been able to produce even one new novel drug molecule.

Dr. Ramchand, CEO of MagGenome talked about the successful development of a low cost RT-PCR kit in Chennai which has been supplied Tamil Nadu State at a very short notice.

Mr. Sivaprasad, CEO of PolySkin Life Sciences, a start up in Kerala, demonstrated the technical importance of production of scaffold, cell seeding and 3D cell culture depending upon the organ you want to grow.

Dr. Balasundari, Former Research Associate in Frontier Lifeline from US talked about the 3D cell culture including technologies developed even to convert Spinach leaves in to beating heart.

In the light of the event, Ms. Thushara, CEO of SOS Holdings signed an MOU with Dr. K.M. Cherian during the advance course on scientific approach to research in newer medical technologies, for training the candidates with support for placement schemes.

Dr. K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation & Educational Society also signed a MoU with Kaunas University, Lithuania. It has been implemented as per Vice Chancellor Prof. Rimantas Benetis.  The MoU is designed to help candidates from India to obtain world class training and to be a preferred choice for placement in any European Union countries.

The four day workshop was participated by Scientists who are involved in research in the field of stem cells, tissue engineering, growing organoids leading to solid organs and 4D Printing.  Along with scientific session there was hands-on training in cell seeding, scaffold creation for the first time in the country.  There was opportunity to dissect heart and lungs during the anatomy session.  There was teaching modules for young scientists, the pathways for medical research methodologies. The CME and workshop has shown that these sophisticated modern technologies can be even made practical in a village which will be affordable for the patients.

The “Korona Guard” candy has been proved highly effective (98.4%) as per IRSHA (Interactive Research School for Health Affairs) Pune, against all covid-19 variants in Invitro trial of the medicine. One clinical study and placebo study with 100 patients has been conducted already for Korona guard candy by Frontier Mediville in association with Tamil Nadu Health Ministry at Gummidipoondi.  Its efficacy has been proven to be 5 times more potent in reducing viral load. It’s a low cost and non-complicated medicine for adults and children alike. It is easily available in all Sundar Dezire outlets.


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