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Climb your career ladder with these entrepreneurial training platforms

Our education system has always aspired to empower young people to build successful & inspiring careers. In today’s world, students need to be ready for the challenges that will arise in the future and hence they should have a deep knowledge of their chosen discipline.

They need to possess problem-solving skills, teamwork spirit, leadership qualities and an ability to adjust in the ever-evolving environment.

As a matter of fact, these skills are the keystones of entrepreneurship.  Hence, alongside traditional subjects like science, maths and social sciences that provide foundational knowledge, it’s essential that students are also taught the skills of entrepreneurship from the beginning.

In order to climb the career ladder or take the route of entrepreneurship, enlisted below are a few entrepreneurship training platforms that can help you in developing entrepreneurship skills while pursuing primary education.
1. MetamorphosisEdu
MetamorphosisEdu is a virtual school that teaches entrepreneurship to high school students from class 6th -12th. This Hyderabad based edtech platform was founded in 2018 by Mr. Pavan Allena when he felt the need to empower young minds with entrepreneur skills and guide them on a path of leadership and innovation.

Metamorphosis offers the following three study modules under its flagship programme i.e. Incubator Programme, certification course, School of Entrepreneurship. Along with the provided courses, they keep on conducting skill development programmes for students to enhance their thinking power.

2. Kidspreneur
Kidspreneur is a provider of entrepreneurial education for 7 to 18 years students. It was founded by Mohanalakshmi and her husband Kalasalingam.S in 2012.

This entrepreneurial platform provides three courses to nurture and grow confident young individuals. These three courses- Kidspreneur MBA, Kidspreneur EDU, Kidspreneur PRO give children the opportunity to learn first-hand how to start business & operate their own business. Also, these programs come in level of I, II and III for different age groups.

3. Entrepreneurship For Kids by Galit Zamler

The Entrepreneurship For Kids (EFK) program was founded by Ms Galit Zamler with the aim of providing case-study based entrepreneurial studies to the targeted schools, right from a tender age.

The EFK program envisions making entrepreneurial education accessible to all. The program consists of 2 parts. Part 1 deals with empowering young students with entrepreneurship skills and part 2 offers Entrepreneur for Kids Program for fourth graders and above alongside offering Young Entrepreneurship Program for middle and high school students. Their program covers various aspects of entrepreneurship through experiential learning.

4. Bornpreneur
Bornpreneur provides one of a kind after-school enrichment program to kids. Their program is designed to engage kids in entrepreneurial thinking and build them the future leaders in the industry. BornProdigy, BornToHire, and BornCEO are their 3 programs offering business and entrepreneurial education. Through the case study based program, kids learn business strategies and entrepreneurship skills. The experiential learning process helps kids start their own business in a fun and productive manner.

5. Clever Harvey
Clever Harvey is an educational initiative established by Ivy League and aims to guide young school students aged from 13 to 16 years to bridge the gap between academic learning and the real world.

The platform is designed by IIM graduates for students from Class 8th to Class 12th.  The platform launched its India's first exclusive 10-day online Junior MBA program on 6 April 2020. Through this, Clever Harvey enables each student to master critical thinking skills, commercial acumen, and discover endless career possibilities for the future. Few tracks available in the Junior MBA program are the Junior CMO, Junior CEO, and Junior CTO.

Entrepreneurship prepares young people to seize the opportunities around them. The skills they gain will hold them in good stead their entire lives. Most importantly, entrepreneurship education enables children to look at the world as being opportunity-rich and to craft the kind of lives they envision to live.


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