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Home Stays and Food: A Perfect Staycation Combo

Today, we need more activity than ever before in times of COVID 19 and extended office days. The travel industry today gives you an endless amount of comfort and, at the same time, Homestays with good food -avoid the lure of working at one place.
Planning a vacation, but tired of spending all the time at home during COVID 19? Let’s try something new! Imagine going on a trip like this: Think about home stays in India. No, if you are thinking homestays in India are modest, then now they are not. You do not have to share a bathroom with host family. Literally, you will enjoy some of India's finest homestays. Moreover, you will taste homemade food and earn individual attention as well. Now, in every part of India, local communities are considering these homestays as their livelihood. You can take a small break from Northern India to Southern India, everywhere you can find homestays with the local food. In many destinations, homestay is popular; it adds genuine sociocultural richness to the tourism experience. Homestays are an enticing alternative tourism product for a country that does not make substantial infrastructural spending a priority but that possesses a wealth of tourism in distant communities. But their unique characteristics make them really unique: from farming to learning local food with host, visitors will encounter anything!

The hosts chose to open their homes to the visitors, because they lost their extended family and felt it would be fun to visit and share their homes with others. Therefore, you are not only getting a bed at homestays, while you are accepted on a style property with a cottage garden. The experience of organic living, including meals prepared with home grown organic food. And you just don't have breakfast, you're offered an amazing lesson of gastronomy.

Homestays are choosing the objective to put the “Tourists first”, serving a sign of comfort with a delicious food to the travellers. From Homestays, the tourists can continue their “Work from home” away from home in a new home. Homestays are now prepared with sanitized, highly clean, COVID friendly environment. The homestays are giving the signals to the guests of “SAFE and FOOD friendly” stay.

- Ruchika Kulshrestha

About the author:
Ruchika Kulshrestha is working with Amity School of Hospitality, Amity University, Haryana as Assistant Professor and Programme Coordinator (Tourism).


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