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Govt of Rajasthan and Industry Leaders Urge Healthcare Managers to Adopt Evidence-based Management

Noting that the disconnect between the evidence-based management and people management on the ground, healthcare industry stalwarts today welcomed the new batch of students joining the IIHMR University for the session 2020-22 and inspired them to become leaders. Over 200 students enrolled for MBA courses, while 30 scholars have enrolled for the doctoral course this year. Dr. Prithvi Raj, Secretary Finance (Revenue), Government of Rajasthan, was the Chief Guest. Dr. Ram Narain, Chief Operating Officer, Emirates Hospitals Group, Dubai, Mr. Tavinder Jit Singh Vasudeva, President and Chief Business Officer, Global Markets, MicroLabs, and Mr. Sudarshan Suchi, Secretary-General, SOS Villages India, were the Guests of Honour. Dr. P. R. Sodani, Pro-President, IIHMR University welcomed the guests and students. Dr. S.D. Gupta, Chairman, IIHMR University presided over the inaugural program.

"Healthcare is a service industry that revolves around service excellence. However, there is a disconnect between evidence-based management and people management. Managers need to reconcile evidence-based management and people management for success in hospital management. There is a perceived lack of standardization and process. Patient centricity and patient experience will be crucial in the coming days. Healthcare managers have a difficult job at hand as there are many expectations from them, and they need to rebuild the reputation of Healthcare," says Dr. Ram Narain, Chief Operating Officer, Emirates Hospitals Group, Dubai.

"IIHMR is a reputed institution known for its market-oriented education; you have chosen the right alma mater. The difference between a manager and a leader is even more important in a crisis. IIHMR helps create leaders. IIHMR has the edge over the others due to its collaborations with top-tiered institutions in medical education. Medical education is important – the medical education institutions built in the state in the past few years are helping the government a lot in tackling the corona scenario," says Dr. Prithvi Raj, Secretary Finance (Revenue), Government of Rajasthan.

"This year, we have more than 200 students enrolled in MBA courses, while 30 scholars have enrolled for the doctoral course. Our students have contributed to society as a part of government bodies and non-government organizations, as well as pharmaceutical companies and developmental organizations. IIHMR has a collaboration with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the oldest and largest independent graduate school of public health in the world, since 2013 and has brought their prestigious Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program in India," says Dr. P R Sodani, Pro-President, IIHMR University.

Dr. S.D. Gupta, Chairperson, IIHMR University,  said that this is IIHMR's Silver Jubilee batch and hence very special for all of us. Only knowledge in Healthcare is not enough; practice is a critical component. Learning by doing is hence essential. He urged the students that the onus of learning is with you, and it has to be self-driven.


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