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And it’s the exam time !
Every individual in their entire student career, faces the brunt of exam pressure or stress. Some have it in severe portions whilst some can tackle it pretty well. But here is an overall general guideline as to how to handle or cope with such stress which is otherwise an usual emotional trait of every other person on earth. So friends, don’t worry - you are not alone in this and will never be. Everybody has faced it so now it’s your turn. Thus, follow these simple tips to avoid the extent of the pressure and ace every single exam in your lifetime!

    Learn Your Unique Learning Style
Everyone has their own unique styles to study and revise. Yes, you have to discover what suits you the best. Your friends might feel comfortable in the group study option while you might not, and vice versa. Hence it’s very important to figure out your comfort zone and study or revise accordingly. Remember everyone’s is different and hence there is no right or wrong way to it. Yours is the right path for you!

    Prioritize Your Time Division Accordingly
It is very important for you to divide your study and revision schedule. Again everyone’s is different so yours might not match with the others. But you need to chalk out a proper study plan for the entire syllabus, keeping ample time for the harder ones and required time for the easier ones. You must also keep revision time for you to remain eased while preparing, so that you can avoid being panicked at the end regarding the completion of the syllabus. And lastly planning and scheduling helps to reduce the pressure and stress a lot, at once. It becomes more manageable and easy for you, to deal with the exams.

    Take Regular Breaks In Between
Again, it is very important that while scheduling we keep regular intervals or breaks for ourselves. It is indeed necessary for us to do so, as our brain also requires rest and it is not possible for us to concentrate at a stretch for a long time. The mind can go wandering somewhere else, which is the signal for you to take the break. It is usually recommended to take a 10 minutes break after every hour and half of studying so that the pace is well maintained and also your mind gets its free time. You can again plan your break schedule suiting to your preferences and requirements. But it is advisable to keep a balanced one. And do try to stretch out in those breaks or any other activity which you might want to indulge in.

    Stay Healthy: Both Physically and Mentally
The only thing more stressful than writing an exam is writing an exam when you’re sick. While we can’t protect ourselves from every germ out there, there are some easy things which can be done to increase our chances of staying healthy. These include -

    Eating healthy

    Limiting your caffeine intake: Sugary snacks will give a quick burst of energy, but does not last the entire day. Same with the caffeine, too much of which only adds to your feelings of anxiety. Plus, it prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep!

    Exercise At Regular Intervals
Taking time out from studying to exercise may be the last thing you’ll feel like doing, but there’s a reason it is considered as a classic stress reliever. Yes friends, physical activity is a great way to clear your mind and boost your mood. It’s another important way to keep yourself healthy during the exam time. After about 20 minutes of exercise, you can hit the books back with renewed focus and refreshed mindset. Again, the choice is entirely yours as to what exercise plan will you abide by!

    Talk Yourself Out to Someone
There’s no prize for suffering through exam stress alone. Talking to a friend, significant other, family member, or adviser when you’re feeling really worried can be of huge help. In addition to support, they might also be able to offer study strategies or practical advice to help you feel more relaxed. Don’t be afraid to speak to a professional or mental health services at your university, if you are concerned about yours during the exam season or at any point in the year. Again, remember that you are not alone in this and will never be. Everyone went through this and now it’s just your turn.

So, All the very best!

Do comment and share if you liked the article. Also put in your suggestions or add-ons to it, or maybe the next topic you want me to write on. Stay happy and stay safe!

An undergrad student of Amity University Kolkata. An avid orator, anchor, creative writer, singer, debater and a movie and sports buff. Based in Kolkata. Have work experience with The Telegraph, Friends FM and GreyMatters Communications.


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