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Of those unspoken words,
Of those cherished moments,
Of those colourful days and
Those emotions revealed …
Will you remember me?

I have a dream.
A dream to be.
A dream to grow.
A dream to live and
A dream to believe …
Will you guide me?

You are there,
You are anew,
You are love,
You are true,
You are you or...
Are you?

When you know
When you care
When you stay
When you are there
When you bond …
Will you continue to?

For I am lonely
For I am weak
For I am scared
For I am meek
For your loss
I am yet to speak …

Cherish a bit more
Cherish like never before
Cherish for me to soar
Cherish for tears to pour
Cherish to allure
Is it too much to ask for?

Entangle the beauty
Entangle the mess
Entangle the sorrow
Right through your chest
Entangle the numb
I know you can

Know your worth
Know your bliss
Know your life
Know your risk
Know your... self
Know your shizz

Carry on with generations
Carry on with alliterations
Carry on with proliferations
Carry on with alleviations
Carry on with abbreviations and
Don't look back!

- Namrata Dey


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