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Lockdown created and brought out all hidden talents which were left unnoticed and tried till today. One of the talents is culinary. Kitchen proves to be the most favorite corner of everyone in a house. One has realized how resourceful and important a kitchen is in our life. Amid lockdown, gathering and spending time with family and with children is a true blessing in disguise. Family games and movie corner with coffee is the ever preferred combination. When a visiting a coffee hangout point is miles away to be sighted as of now, one can atleast try a different type of coffee, ‘Dalgona Coffee’, a viral coffee in social media.  Also called ‘Quarantine Coffee’ in social media such as Instagram, Tiktok, Tweeters etc. became famous in urban population. A frothy, creamy, fluffy, incredibly delicious coffee made with equal proportion of instant coffee, sugar and hot water. Let me share very simple recipe of Dalgona Coffee right from my kitchen.   

Recipe (serves 4 cups)
1.    Instant coffee – 3 tbsp
2.    Sugar granules – 3 tbsp
3.    Hot water – 2 tbsp
4.    Chilled milk - 4 cup
5.    Ice cube – 4 cube
1.    Mix instant coffee and sugar granules in a cup.
2.    Add hot water into the mix.
3.    Beat the coffee and sugar vigorously until it is light and fluffy. (Use electric beater)
4.    Fill a glass with crushed ice.
5.    Pour chilled milk on top of the crushed ice
6.    Top the glass with whipped coffee. Mix well and serve chilled.


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