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The society has always been very confusing for us. It builds rules which are meaningless, which are insensible. They make no sense. We as a youth, are mostly bound to follow them. We are meant to follow those rules which are enough to pull our self confidence down and break our morale apart.
I question today, who built these rules? Who are these for? Why am I suppose to follow them?

The society is narrow minded, it does not want to talk about the problems, it’s just too busy to avoid them and give a solution. But how can someone give a solution to a problem is not being discussed?
The problem with our society is that no one wants to discuss, no one wants to know. Because people think they have already known enough.  But this is wrong. There are certain things that people need to know and proper solutions need to be given.

Depression and anxiety are two such things that no one wants to discuss. These are the most spoken topics these days yet the least talked about. Why? Because people consider every mental illness to be madness. People consider it to be a shame. And this consideration has led to the lost of so many lives.
Depression and anxiety are not just sadness, they are beyond that. They are more than just feeling sad one day and getting better the other.

Have you ever woken up with a weird emptiness in your stomach? Have you ever felt that its impossible for you to walk out of the room and face people? Have you ever felt that he world is so devastating and every people living here hates you?

Have you ever hated yourself for being in a situation which has so explanations?

You cry, and you feel that this is it, but there is something that stops you, hope? Maybe, or maybe some inner self of yours that knows for the fact that you can go through this.

Have you ever sat in the middle of the night, under the shower, crying and crying, grabbing your stomach so that no one could hear, that’s what the depression hits you like? That’s how your anxious self pushes your every night to feel disgusted and angry and disappointed.

But stop, don’t move. Don’t take a step, don’t grab the knife or the blade. Don’t reach out for the pills. Life is not a fairytale, it is a war. And we all are the warriors, fighting every day, for our lives. And one day the fight will be over. There will be a daw. There will be a day when these clouds will go and the warm sunlight will touch your face. For that one day, you will realize that it was worth it. All of the pain, the struggle, it was all worthy, for that you will no longer be the princess of a fairytale. You will be the knight of your own war.

-Upasana Sarbajna


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