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10 tips to crack Entrance Examinations

With competitive examinations knocking on the door as well the increasing uncertainty regarding the dates of the same, students are more stressed than ever. As the cloud of stress looms larger and heavier in the household, it is extremely important to prepare sensibly at this peak hour.
In this article, I will give you 10 tips to crack the entrance examination.

1.    Create a practical study plan

 Students usually spend much more time in planning how to go about things than actually executing them. In many cases, those plans are only better in books. Always create a plan you can successfully execute. Always give more stress on topics that are more challenging and difficult. However, keep some time at hand to complete the pending tasks.

2.    Practice, Practice, Practice.

Practice makes a man perfect. Practicing is the key to prepare for any exam. Always ensure that your basics are clear so that you can solve all the questions within the time frame.

3.    Time management:
Time management is the most important aspect to crack any entrance exam. This not only applicable to the preparation schedule but is also equally important for the examination. The study schedule plan must be highly practical and realistic. Always practicing sample papers and mock test papers so that you can improve your time management skills and thus successfully answer all questions in an exam within the exact period.
4.    Understand your strength and weakness

Be aware of your strengths and weakness, so that you can give more time to your weakness. Moreover, it will also help you create an effective strategy to help you ace your exam.

5.    Keep reading:

The most effective way to crack the entrance exam is to develop a reading habit- be it a newspaper, storybooks, biographies, textbooks, and case studies. To develop knowledge about the business jargon of modern times, reading a newspaper would be the most beneficial. You will be amazed to see how your other skills like reasoning, analytical, and comprehensive abilities have improved massively with time.
6.    Prepare framework:

Start learning from the basic concepts and once they are clear, move slowly to higher and difficult levels of concepts. Keep yourself well aware of current affairs for sections like data sufficiency and general awareness. Economic Times, novels, case studies of industry, Wren & Martin grammar book will help you improve your verbal ability.

7.    Plan your exam strategy
Planning the way of attempting the questions is quite crucial to crack the entrance exam. It is not at all necessary to approach the question paper the way it has been presented. Never waste time over questions which seem to be difficult. Finish off all the sections which you are good at so that you have ample time for the difficult ones.

8.    Read the questions cautiously

In competitive examinations, examiners play around with the question and options. Read the question very carefully to understand what is required and see the options with utmost concentration. Give special attention to those questions which are designed to have more than one correct answer. Read questions twice before attempting, to avoid confusion.
9.    Practice previous year papers

In the last few months, practice previous year question papers. Time yourself while answering them so that you can compare your scores and also master the art of time management. Try to attempt the test papers in the same time slot as your final exam, so that you can tune your mind to the time of the final examination.

10.    Stay Physically and Mentally Balanced
Taking care of oneself is quite neglected during exam preparation and it can adversely affect the final results. Try to exercise or practice yoga regularly. Sleep well so that your mind and body can relax and are fresh when you are taking the exam. From before 2 months left for the final exam, avoid sleeping late, and tune your mind so that it works best in the time slot of your final exam.

If you find the article helpful, do like, and spread the word. Please comment your feedback and let me know how your exams went. I will be waiting!

-Shankhanila Palchowdhury

A graduate student in Journalism and Communications, I am an avid reader, writer, blogger, foodie and movie buff. Based in Kolkata, I am extremely passionate about trekking, travelling, exploring and building new relations every day.


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