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Why should you paint?

You don't need to be Picasso to paint. All you need is your time and creativity to create a masterpiece that reflects your life on Canvas. Most renowned painters of all time were just Ordinary people like us but the complications of life made them take refuge under Art and they belne the art of living for them. Painters like Vicent van Goh were said to be mentally unstable and were actually sent to a mental hospital in the last part of his life. While being trapped in there he spent most of his time creating paintings that were worthless to the world then. Paintings were labeled as his madness but today they are worth more than his entire life. Here the question arises: was it a coping technique or method for Van Goh for dealing with his sadness or mental instability?
We don't know but scientists have proven that painting has a soothing effect on human beings. It helps them to calm and clear their mind because when We are asked to paint, we paint the first in our mind. It doesn't matter if we can paint or not. The efforts shown in trying shows the desperate State of mind to let go of those thoughts. The satisfying process of painting and silence helps the human brain to rethink their thoughts.
So, here are some benefits of painting
1. Painting helps one to relax and calm down as painting needs concentrate. So, all your concentration is on the Canvas. No other thought can indulge one's mind. It has therapeutic benefits. Most people use it as an introspective therapy to reflect their mind. In most cases it actually calms some people and helps them to think collectively.
2. Painting brings out the creativity in a person. While painting a person can explore his/her mind to let themselves know what they want to paint. This leads to some unique ideas unleashed. The creativity comes from within us. It shows how we see the world and what our thoughts could look like if they could be visible. It's interesting how many ways we can come to paint the same interpretation.
3. Helps one to Focus.
While painting a lot of Focus is required to be put in for perfection. If We lose Focus on general, we can do much with our life, not just paintings. It helps to find our life's Focus point.  Thus, people who are Little fickle minded can use painting to learn to Focus on one thing at a time and complete the work. Especially the detailed painting takes more focus to be made.
4. Communicate through painting. We can actually communicate our feelings and emotions through painting. We can actually understand a person's perspective of something through painting they made. It is also considered as nonverbal communication. We reflect our thoughts into the painting Which We want to Coney and then We let people interpret what we want to say. This shows the creative communications between two people.
5. Paintings’ satisfying process in which we mix colour and spread across the Canvas and create shapes and sizes brings a sense of relaxation to mind. As it is satisfying to see, it is most satisfying to make. The satisfying nature of painting calms our mind.
6. At the end painting is a fruitful fun activity which results in amazing masterpieces. No matter what you use painting as you always end up with a piece of you on Canvas or a decorative item for your wall. Either way it's a win-win situation.
 Do give it a try. Try to unleash the Da Vinci in you. Or maybe you can just be you. Who knows this fun activity can help you earn a million one day?

[Photo credit: Pinterest]

-Durgesh Nandini naik


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