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Why is uniform dressing important in schools?

Have you ever seen a western movie based on school and thought how cool it is for them to wear casual clothes to school but you have to wear a school uniform? Me too. I was there too but once I understood the importance of uniform it makes sense now.
We never saw it but the hint is in the name itself. Uniform means universal form which means everyone with the same look. The main motive of uniform is to make us look the same. You must be thinking just is it so? We all are our individual selves.
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You see we consider school as the Temple of learning and Every person who comes to school with the motive seeking knowledge. Even though we all are individuals but we all seek the same learning and practices under the same roof without any discrimination among the pupils. We get the same teachers, same books and same teaching under the same room regardless of caste, colour, creed or religion. We all are one.

Even though we all are considered as one some differences will slip right through and create a divide. It's a Human tendency for a person to assemble or categories themselves in certain groups that resembles our lifestyle and status. Then he/she would like to stick around in these groups of like-minded people but we don't realise that even though the groups consist of alike people they lack in diversity in terms of culture and knowledge which have them in disadvantages of learning new and evolutionary things. More than that in a country like India. Casteism is a strong evil. The people of this country have always been victims of it and also resulted in many internal conflicts in our country. The cast with higher rank enjoys the superiority in the society whereas the lower rank cast have to face the inferiority complex. Even when we all are human at the end. Similarly, the third world countries biggest discriminative issues are the financial status of the people. In third world countries there are different levels of Labourer and salary making a huge gap in terms of monetary. Thus, the society gets divided into rich and poor.

We live in a society and these kinds of differences are likely to prevail and these differences can't disappear overnight. The new generation is trying to get rid of it until then we need methods and practices that would help these differences to grow into the minds of the younger generation. The kids of the modern days. Kids are most easy to manipulate and they learn what they see. Thus, here is a small step but how uniform teaches us equality.

Schools are the places where these differences are strictly prohibited to enter. Even if they provide the education equally then try to make the students feel equal regardless of their background. In India, uniforms are important because of the diversity of the people residing in it. There have been numerous stories from the old days of people being old when they didn't have uniforms in school. The teachers would judge a person by how they dress and which family they came from. If the student is from a lower caste than they used to make them sit outside the classroom and how the students who were poorly dressed weren't allowed to sit next to the well to do students. These kinds of incidents were common back in the day.

Sooner or later the leader of our country who versioned equality in India got to know about this. They decided to introduce the uniform system to make it a symbol of unity in school. The clothing can't bring in chances in the mindset of the people but it was a revolutionary small step to create brotherhood among the people.
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Even though American schools allow their students to wear Normal everyday clothing to school which helps the students to bring out their individuality and creativity in their dressing. It is found out that a lot of students in Western countries are picked upon and bullied by their classmates or schoolmates just for the way they dress up. Every individual has their own taste in dressing which gives them comfort but not all have the same choices. Thus, when a group of like-minded people in terms of dressing assembles, they try to pick on that one person who stands out of the box. Some students don't even have enough clothing which makes them repeat their clothes more often or for not being able to follow up the trend.  Western people really take the " first impression" thing seriously which ends up in misleading judgement towards certain person's characteristics and personality. These are few of many more problems of not having uniforms in school.

In today's world Uniforms help to discipline the students and dress professionally. The uniform becomes the identity of the students. Due to the increase in population there has been an increase in the number of schools. You can see a student in information and can right away tell which school he/she is from. Makes it easier to identify students. Uniform also helps in saving a lot of time because you are not wasting time thinking what to wear and what not to. You just slip in your uniform and leave for your school. Since we all have seen our friends from school in uniform since the first day of school. It makes us try to be friends with people with their personality rather than their outer appearance. Our minds accept everyone as equal since We all kind of look the same. Some schools around the globe have come up with unisex uniform to make the LGBTQ+ students to feel comfortable with their sexuality and not to force them into a gender. There are a lot of perks of school uniforms. It might have started as a revolutionary moment to make everyone feel equal but it has become a part of a student's identity.

-Durgesh Nandini Naik


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