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Wholesome positivity - Behind the Scenes of Corona

I'm sure we all are very well aware of the Quarantining globally! While most of us have lost hope with boredom striking us at our worst, and I mean it in every literal sense possible, let's take a look at some of those individuals who have been enjoying while working and saving lives of millions around the world and many more…
Amongst the rise of Covid19, that took place in Italy, with their reduction rate in the population, during the early weeks of March, the people gathered at their balconies to sing. Here, not only do we see a ray of hope, but also unity among the people. From the Southern cities of Salerno and Naples and the Sicilian capital of Palermo to Turin in the North, residents and apartment buildings, tower blocks, were seen singing or playing instruments, that spread from Italy right across Europe to Spain and even Sweden.

In one district of Rome, neighbours entertained each other with a rendition of folk song Volare, while in Florence the opera singer, Maurizio Marchini sang the popular Puccini aria Nessun Dorma from Turandot.
Matteo Colombi, who works for Florence's water company, spoke about the response to a social media invitation for everyone who can play an instrument to go to their window to perform.

While in India, every citizen was asked to switch off their lights for 9 minutes in order to pay respect for those risking their lives every single day we stay safe at home. The feeling of that one tiny light amidst darkness spread energy so great, that it made people hope for the best at its worst times.

Praying for the well being and hoping for a better tomorrow each day, people will transform and this shall be the world's largest record-breaking times of each individual being forcefully kept at home as the pandemic takes charge with pride.

At the most all we can do is validate ourselves to motivate the weak and make everyone feel hopeful and content as to the fact that there are going to be better times with those days that we once upon a time lived before the outbreak let lose a haywire series of events to cause the earth to come to a standstill. A better life waits for all who crave to meet and greet and retreat with those we wish to see and talk to all day every day.
So, don't worry, these days are waiting to be etched in history and be cherished as a memoir, by all.
It's said that Doctors are supposed to be the serious of its kind… These trying periods have been very restless and impatient for most. A while back, a video released in social media that went viral within a span of 24 hours. This video showed doctors mainly abroad, having fun and dancing even during their shifts at work while dealing with the seriousness of the pandemic.

One of the videos happened to be of Dr.Jason Campbell, from Los Angeles, who happened to post various TikTok Videos with his colleagues doing the "Corona foot shake", "the cha cha slide" and many others. This has proven just right for hundreds of thousands of people, including health care workers who are cheering him on for lifting their spirits during Covid19 lockdown.
Campbell initially began posting videos to encourage teens, especially African-American youths to pursue their dreams and know that they too could become Physicians.

Another part of the world, in India, Kerala, a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, 23 doctors danced to a Malayalam song and posted a clip of it. Closer home, these ladies of SK Hospital put their best foot forward for a dance.

Sometimes, even the most critical of situations you are in, there are always millions of reasons to smile, be happy and continue that, which will make you attain positive growth throughout the entire days' hard work.

While Italy was singing, doctors dancing, New York state announced they were legalising video wedding ceremonies. There were many who grabbed this opportunity to make their dream come true. One of these couples being Sayaka Fakuda and James Storr Brown. They had been trying since January, but because of the virus, plans failed and got cancelled, until in true Zoom app style, many of them were dressed waist up and friends congratulated via messaging.

Just a few hours later, they were saying vows in their living room and were being watched by dozens of family and friends around the world using the video conferencing app, giving a virtual toast to the newly wedded.

Husband, James Storr Brown with wife, Sayaka Fakuda. The couple: quite a unique experience for them, indeed !

In New Delhi, a Mumbai-based Navy Engineer and his Delhi-based fiancΓ©e could not get married at a gurdwara as per tradition. So, they had their wedding online, using Zoom as well.

Preet Singh and Neet Kaur met a year ago. Little did they know, their relationship would bring them such a long way. Over the next 12 months of becoming very close friends, they tied the knot on the internet.

Some situations just need you to be swept off your feet sometimes… and this, is definitely one of those moments!

Being young adults or for that matter, even teenagers and youngsters are always interested in music concerts and their favourite bands and singers going live in front of their fans. Unfortunately, those days are waiting to be remade…

While a better future is yet to come, these days, singers, and actors as well, a few of our stand-up comedians and other well-known artists are going live in social media to give their fans a boost in these gloomy days.

Stars including ColdPlay, Yungblud, Christine and The Queens have live-streamed their gigs to combat these boring times of self-isolation.

ColdPaly's, Chris Martin played an impromptu by going Live in Instagram taking fans' questions and covering, David Bowie's Life on Mars.

Country Singer, Keith Urban also went Live with his wife Nicole Kidman, in the background.

While India is currently undergoing a national lockdown as well, whether the new age musicians or just the good old classic ones… singers like Sonu Nigam, Vishal Dadlani and Richa Sharma are also streaming their performances live.

For those who are thinking that they are missing the experience, well, this is your opportunity of not missing the good stuff that social media has to offer at times that are quite hard to overcome.

Well… for those who think that this is the end of the world, hang on… it's not the end yet !

There's still a lot more to achieve and believe and receive.  It's just the beginning!

Moments and life are, without a doubt difficult right now, but this only makes a better and more promising future for all. Let us instill the good that now has to offer and reminiscent the very happening of becoming whole as a community, a society and more importantly as a nation. This very, coming together as ONE, fighting against all odds is going to take us far ahead ~

-Namrata Dey

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