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Unthinkable Solutions launches Classroom.Live

Unthinkable Solutions LLP launched, an education delivery platform that allows teachers and students to connect from the comfort of their homes. It’s like running a complete virtual school even in this extreme situation of lockdown. was envisioned as a community for educators & learners by Unthinkable Solutions. It had been in the making well before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when the crisis struck, the team decided to rise up to the challenge and create a tool that helps educators deliver and manage their sessions better. There were two decades of deep tech expertise, close work with schools and numerous security and privacy certifications that gave shape to

The platform went live in mid-April 2020 and within a few weeks, 25000 students from more than 40 schools & institutions have started using it successfully. is a platform designed especially for educators, learners and administrators. Using the platform, teachers can prepare their teaching material, host secure live sessions, record automatic attendance, give assignments and conduct assessments all from a single platform. Tailored to the requirement of students and teachers, the software intuitively adjusts to the demands of educators and students in real-time.

Educational Institutions prefer over basic web conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Classroom. Web-conferencing tools are developed keeping mind the requirements of an enterprise and are not well suited to the needs of a classroom.

Make-In-India has been completely developed in-house by Unthinkable Solutions’ talented engineering team and is a true flag bearer of our Make-In-India movement. Since its launch, the platform has been well received globally. Vision :
To provide educators, learners & administrators with a simple, secured & powerful virtual campus. Designed to enrich the in-class delivery, pre & post class support and administrative insights.                      

Educators using have found it Simple to Use, Digitally Secured and Powerful in its features. Institutions that are using Classroom.Live don’t need any other tool. The platform is so robustly designed that it can be used to teach, submit homework & assessments, and access study material and digital textbooks. It lets teachers store educational content in a structured manner and easily share it with students. Also, the platform generates data that gives schools actionable insights into the efficacy of sessions. Data generated by the platform can be used to make courses more effective. 

Speaking about the introduction of the Classroom.Live, Mr Vipul Sobti Business Head of Unthinkable Solutions said “We were already working on a tool that would make collaboration between teachers and students possible well before the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world. We truly believe that blended learning is the way forward and this crisis has accelerated the adoption. Our deep tech expertise, knowledge of schools’ needs, and security and privacy certifications helped expand the scope of our initial project and launch in record time. is a dynamic platform that has been painstakingly designed, keeping mind the requirements of educational institutions. We expect that in the months and years ahead, as more students than ever before expect to learn from home, will emerge as a strong partner to the educators and learners. In the brief period since its launch, the platform has been appreciated globally and has already started connecting 2000 teachers and 25000 students every day. Educators and administrators have found that this technology is extremely convenient to use and simple to explain to parents and students. And finally, administrators now have a platform to run their complete school virtually”. 
About Unthinkable Solutions  
Unthinkable Solutions LLP is a group company of 'Daffodil Softwares Pvt Ltd'. Daffodil is a software engineering partner to 100+ organizations across the globe and has been helping them in making their software products more robust, teams more productive and processes more efficient. Our ability to look beyond technologies to deliver innovative solutions with scale and speed has been lauded by our clients as well as the tech community worldwide. Since our inception, we have invested in organic growth; building on our engineering capabilities, organizational processes, and culture required to deliver a truly collaborative ecosystem for solving technology challenges. At the core of Daffodil lies a culture rooted in innovation, learning and a result-oriented mindset.


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