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Since our childhood we are accustomed to the belief that good wins over evil. In confine of any malefic activity benevolence will hold superiority delivering us from the bad.
But how evident is this belief when it comes to the unsolved cold crime cases? Even in constant denial we cannot brush off the fact that few bestial criminals remain to walk among us wearing a mask of goodness. The reality is cruel and lacks fictional legendary detective. These heinous activities are malignant to humanity and the worse they continue to prevail in the world miles away from the touch of justice. Underneath mentioned are top five most gruesome unsolved crimes ever documented in history.
The cannibalistic murder that shook the residents of Los Angeles and left the LAPD and FBI flabbergasted in 1947 was that of 22 years Elizabeth Short. This young woman was an aspiring actress and desired to see herself in the silver screen one day but instead ended up dead and mutilated in Leimert park. Her body was discovered by one of the pedestrians of the pavement and later FBI confirmed that she was killed and professionally dissected from the middle resulting in two clear halves of the body. It almost pictured the work of a wild animal, hence the famous saying “there are no other animal as dangerous as homo sapiens”. She also was drained completely out of blood before disposal. The grisliness of the crime left every investigator astound and clueless as no clear suspect or motive was acquired. The part that makes the atrocity even more bone chilling is the infamous scar on Elizabeth’s face, she was cut from the end of the lips to the ears. The killer’s disturbed psychology is portrayed through this act as he aspired to give her an everlasting smile. After a year of investigation, the case was tagged unsolved.
She was America’s little smiling face in the year 2006 when she won a beauty pageant. Though when she was again a brewing topic in newspapers one might think she was quiet well in her life at such an young age but the news read underneath her pictures was enough make anyone feel the horrid of the misdemeanor and the terror of loosing a child for a mother just to be discovered in such a gruesome state later. Jon Benet resided in an affluent neighborhood in Colorado with her parents. Her life was not less than a fairy-tale with parents who could be nothing but proud of their daughter but the perfect life faced its biggest adversity when Jon Benet Ramsey was abducted and someone left behind a ransom note demanding a sum of $118,000. The hope of ever seeing their daughter was shattered after the blood curdling discovery of the little girl beaten and strangled to death in the basement of the very house. Though appalling emotions were faced by the parents after the revelation reality speculated them and their elder son to be the main suspect of crime evaluating the circumstantial evidence. The autopsy confirmed strangulation to be the cause of death and the lack of proof over the Ramsey’s or other trivial suspects adjourned the case to be closed.
The most infamous notorious killer still known to London crime history was Jack Ripper. The serial killer that terrorized the streets of east end for there months in the year 1888. He was known for brutally murdering and then mutilating more than five women in his course of lawlessness misdeed. The growing pile of body stroke a state of panic among females resulting into restricting themselves from loitering the streets at night. As soon the investigation started FBI got involved and the pattern of homicide was discovered. The killer was after alcoholic prostitutes killed as all the victims were killed in early morning hours apparently when they were returning to their respective home. The motive was not clarified other than a vague idea that was projected that the ripper killed woman who were readily accessible and considered indecent according to the pivotal norms of the society. No forensic testaments or advanced analysis theories could assess any plausible suspect and when the killings mysteriously stopped after three months the case was considered unsolved and closed.
Natalie Wood was an alias of glamour in the silver screen during the golden age of Hollywood. Beginning her career as a child actress Natalie acquired the fame that many dreams at a very young age. With movies enlisted like Rebel Without a Cause and This property is Condemned starring beside Hollywood heartthrobs James Dean and Robert Redford she had awards like Best female role and a BAFTA award along with a nominee in Academy Awards to dignify her prominence. Makes us wonder what actually occurred which ended her under such tragic circumstances. Today when we hear the name the unfortunate is what captures our mind rather than the success. Though FBI closed the case declaring it to be a simple drowning there are numerous undefinable reasons behind her death. Wood was in a party in Catalina island and was staying in the family yacht in 1981 with many including her husband and co-star for the film Brainstorm Christopher Walken. At the night of her death she was intoxicated and went missing as stated by husband Robert Wagner. Later, after a thorough search her body was discovered floating by the Sheriff’s helicopter. But what made a simple case of probable drowning so controversial is the alleged speculation of conspired murder against her husband Robert Wagner. Forensic report confirmed that Natalie was in fact drowned but was also found with bruises on her body. Many witnesses in the yacht confessed on hearing fights among the couple regarding her closeness with co-star Christopher though all these charges have been denied by Wagner hence the case is unsolved till this date.
ROOM 1046
The room in Hotel President of Kansas City is still locked away from the reach of any customer and none is allowed to spend the night because of the mysterious and ghastly incident occurring on January 2nd 1935. Famously the chain of conundrum didn’t start with the murder but long before when a man named Roland T. Owen checked in around 1.20pm in the hotel with nothing but a comb and toothbrush under his possession that speculated many suspicions. Owen was very occasionally witnessed in the hotel as he went out a lot in the course of six days of his stay. The stopover was cut short because of the discovery of his body in a bloodbath in that very room of 1046.  Soptic the cleaning lady of the room played a major role in elucidating the puzzling details and bringing the strange occurring of the room and behaviour by the victim in limelight. Owen welcomed two guests that became the main suspects of the murder. On January 8th the bellhop discovered Owen body curled up and severed with stab wounds on the chest. He was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead with the cause of extreme blood loss a punctured lung and a fractured skull, the doctors also mentioned that he went through excruciating torture as his hands possessed cord restrains. Later investigators discovered no identity in the name of Roland T. Owen verifying it to be a fake identification. In a course of one year no close family came to identify the body neither any full proof evidence or murder weapon was acquired from the room, no clothes or other possession even the soap and toothbrush provided by the hotel was missing. The fingerprints on the telephone was unidentified. The police later buried the body with just one flower received with the note “Love forever – Lucielle” 

-By Deepanwita Dey
She has always considered writing as the ultimate weapon to share every thought an individual amble through. For her writing is not just an activity it’s a motivation for the scarred mind. Pursuing Mass Communication in Amity University Kolkata she is diligently following her passion for the quill.


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