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Public Relations these days i a very interesting and selected field to work in. There are a thousand Public Relation agencies all of India which prove the best of training and experience for an individual. Some of the best Public Relations agencies in the country are listed below.
1. GENESIS BURSTON-MARSTELLER: It is one of the biggest globally leading Public Relations Agency.  It has it headquarters in New York, and has an approximate of 110 branches in 6b of the continents. They provide integrated communication services to the largest Indian and international brands. They believe in delivering measurable results through evidence based, idea driven and result oriented PR campaigns.
Address: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, 4th Floor, Bay 99, Adjacent to JW Marriott Sahar, IA Project Rd, Andheri, Maharashtra 400099

2. ADFACTORS PR: It is a multi specialist, full service press release agency that ranks among the top 10 PR consultancies in Asia. Their client record holds companies like financial institutions, corporations, conglomerates and start up businesses. The hold a record of providing customised PR solutions as required by the client according to the problem.
Address:  Kamala Mills Compound, City Hall, Oasis Complex, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Lower Parel West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
It is one of the largest PR agencies in the world with over 1000 experts in the field of technology, health care and client management. Currently they have a team consisting of story makers, strategists, data scientists, writers, film makers and social media experts. They have the ability to bring the best out of the brands which have the potential by their strong PR strategies.
Address: Office no A-201, A Wing , 2nd Floor, Neelam Centre, Hind Cycle Road, Next to TV Industrial Estate Worli, Mumbai, 400030,India
It is once again another globally leading firm in India which has a diversified experience for over 17 years.  They have highly planned and designed storytelling and PR campaign strategies which is consistently recognized by PR Forums. They kind of strategic, creative and impactful campaigns that they provide, give a major push to the brands on their way to success.
Address: 4th floor, We Work- The Masterpiece, Marol Naka Metro Station, Marol, Mumbai, 400059
It is a global communication and marketing firm which has leading businesses and brands as its partners. They have a unique strategy which mainly focuses on engaging audience over the time to gain their trust. Alongside providing traditional and modern PR, they also present integrated campaigns, digital strategies and solutions.
Address: 101/102, Peninsula Tower 1 Peninsula Corporate Park, Ganapatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, W, 400013
It is yet another globally acclaimed communications firm which has around 85 offices around the worlds. By lengthening their perspective, they have developed highly advanced speciality services including Health Policy, Crisis Management, Multicultural, Risk Communications, Analyst Relations, Digital Influence for B2B, Behaviour Change Communications, Internal Communications, Investor Relations and Media Influence.
Address: 11-14 Floor, Commerz, International Business Park, Oberoi Garden City, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400063.
It is a well known public relations and integrated communications partner with global expansion. They endow with strategic guidance and creative thinking for structuring the brand. They create & execute astute campaigns to construct influence and deliver impact. It is an agency which is known to have built through combination and attainment. With their ability to influence & deliver impact, they have been maintaining their position on the top.
Address: 14th floor, Urmi Estate, Opp. Peninsula Business Park, Ganapatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
It is South Asia’s image management and communication firm. They are considered to be the solitarily biggest resource in communications & business policy advice for both Indian and international global corporations. They build, commune and develop the brand’s necessity to create incorporated campaigns to raise brand awareness.
Address: 4th Floor, Devchand House, Dr Annie Besant Rd, Shiv Sagar Estate, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018
It is a global communications consultant firm that offers a widespread and experienced network of communications so as to help & guide companies to enlarge their perspective and proportions. With an immense record of 24 years, Ketchum Sampark understands the artistic, industrial, political and media characteristics of provincial Indian markets. Along with that, they have an extraordinary client withholding rate & has hastily become one of India’s leading communication consultancies.
Address: Mangalam House Fort, 38, Walchand Hirachand Marg, Indira Docks, Mumbai Port Trust, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
It is a public relations company based in New Delhi, India. They have a reputation to present present an inclusive range of communications services along with strategic thinking and flawless execution of incorporated campaigns. They work upon their mainstay philosophy which is “To Foster Clients For Life Through Excellence In Advocacy.” Also, they focus on three pillars which are People First, Clients for Life & Business Sustainability.
Address: A-201, A Wing, Second Floor, Neelam Centre, Hind Cycle Marg, next to T.V Industrial Estate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400030

-Upasana Sarbajna
I am Upasana.I am from Kolkata. I am a student of Mass Communication and Journalism. I am a content writer and I write on different genres. Writing has been my passion from a very young age, and English has been one of my favourite subject always. English stories, short stories, novels, dramas have always been my field of interest. And further, I would want to get an opportunity in the advertising field as a content creator.


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