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Is the quarantine blues exasperating your last nerve? Is the boredom finally getting you and your mental disbalance has only one phenomenon to blame, Corona? Then its time to look at the silver lining and rejoice your imprisonment by considering it a blessing in disguise because there are many such individuals who are risking their life with every sunrise to safeguard your quarantine. On this heroic occasion of Labours day let us raise a hand to salute these lion-hearted humans who has solidified our belief in humanity once more. So next time before sulking on your situation put up a smile on your face and rejuvenate the feeling of being a part of nation which births such selfless warriors.


Needless to mention the Labour day celebration will remain incomplete without paying tribute to all the doctors, nurses and medical staffs who, without even a glare of the the clock needles and with very limited idea of the diurnal course of day and night have been contributing their innate determination to the ceaseless job. Its essential to acknowledge the courage these officials possess because they come in touch with the deadly facet every day and not a worry in the world has interrupted them from treating the toxic infection-stricken patients.

Availability co-exists with affordability. With every office adapting new techniques of “work from home” there are still traditional service centres that are open for the reduction of disruption among customers. The importance and disturbance through monetary issues is only comprehended at its best during a crisis and to decrease the financial chaos these bank officials have been working every day with an armour of mask and self sanitization, so that every individual is provided with the necessary amount of money for their livelihood. This Labour’s day we bow down to these unsung heroes of the society

You might feel its not safe to be out on the open for a time period exceeding half and hour and this fear has resulted into an impressionable speed regarding your daily grocery shopping, but do you ever pause and contemplate that the vendor might be suffering from the safe fright. His mind can wonder over how dangerous it is breathing the air? or is the sheer clothe around the mouth even working? or can drowning in a gallon of sanitizer protect him from the consecutive stay on the streets. Maintaining your social distance from these individual and wearing gloves are the best you can do to ease their fear of getting infected. So in this Labour’s day contribute some though to them as they do for us every day.

If superman was not a fictional character, he would have saluted these real life super heroes. Nothing has ever obstructed them from diligently conducting their duty towards the nation and the people. No amount of ailment fright or uncertainty of an angry mob has petrified these heroes enough to step back from their job. In these Labour’s day we acknowledge and pay tribute to the hard work of all these uniformed fighters. So, the next time any official asks you to get back to your vicinity, don’t argue but agree because they are desperately craving to do the same.

Having an appetite for another delightful pizza or ordering all those bathroom essentials because you are terrified of stepping out must be very easy in this generation of E-commerce. Just a click and it is at your doorsteps but ever comprehended the effort and sanitizing process the delivery person has to go through to channelling that one delivery. So, this Labour’s day lets order less and tip a little more to hep construct that smile of achievement on their faces. Make sure you remind them that their hard work is being acknowledged and its worth it.
While we are all advised to stay in and safe with our family there remain several children who patiently wait for their children to come home. This Labour’s day a little contribution from our side can make them happy. Through your words showcase your appreciations towards these victors. 

Deepanwita Dey
She has always considered writing as the ultimate weapon to share every thought an individual amble through. For her writing is not just an activity it’s a motivation for the scarred mind. Pursuing Mass Communication in Amity University Kolkata she is diligently following her passion for the quill.


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