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The Sweetness of Knowing Nothing

The Italian phrase, Dolce far Niente. Let us take a look at how you want to experience doing nothing in 7 such ways;

The very first idea would be to DISCONNECT! Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or even Twitter aren't Dolce far Niente. Addictive social media can really drain your energy and waste your time. The "sweetness of doing nothing" is the polar opposite. If disconnecting for a day sounds like an impossible task, start by taking baby steps. Turn your devices off every day at night at least an hour or two early before going to bed. Or enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning without switching your phone on.

Secondly, please GET RID OF YOUR GUILT. We live in a world full of people planning, producing and consuming. Generally, when we tend to follow the same footsteps, we start measuring our success by how much we got through and how much we accomplished. Getting rid of your guilt about your incomplete "to-do list" and what you should be doing rather than what you are doing will help you experience the moments of Dolce far Niente fully.

TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION SETS. Having access to the TV at intervals is fine. The moment it gets excessive when you watch hours on end, it robs half of your time you could devote to something more constructive. At times like these, instead of continuously watching TV, try taking a walk in your neighbourhood and appreciating what nature has to offer.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, TAKE A BREAK AND REST! An important ritual followed by many religions till date. Whether it's a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday, take a hike from work. The most practical idea of taking a day off, won't harm you, though a lot of people still don't do this. Try following one day in a week or month as a "doing nothing" day for yourself by skipping household work, ignoring work mails and spending time staying home, enjoying your family and savouring the day.

How often do we know ourselves, a 100%? Take out your time to FIND OUT YOUR INNER ARTIST. Paint, sketch, draw, write a poem, cook, practice any musical instrument. Taking out time, cultivating your creativity is relaxing and a good way to discover your inspiration around you.

If you have nothing to do, then REVISIT YOUR NAPTIME. Research has proved that naps aren't only meant for toddlers, but all ages. It lowers the risk of heart attacks and stress level. Napping need not be in your office or your home. It could also be closing your eyes in a park, inhaling the quietness around and listening to the birds chirping and smelling grass. Knowing and doing nothing can be considered a process of healing you from outwardly displeasures of everyday life.

SKIP A FEW OF YOUR DAILY TASKS FOR WHILE. After having your meal, it's not important for you to remove the dishes and wash them that very moment. Take a break, go to your verandah, enjoy the breeze, relax and then continue after a while. The earth won't stop spinning if we don't do our things on time.
-Namrata Dey


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