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astrology is a language, if you understand this language the sky speaks to you
-Dane Rudhyar
After executing number of researches, Astrology which is considered the oldest form of study known to mankind still conceals endless number of mysteries that twitch the curiosity meter of many scholars and astrology enthusiast, but the real inquest is, what is exactly Astrology? and how does it work? Cambridge dictionary on the other hand clearly states Astrology unlike Astronomy cannot exactly be described as science, so what is it? Mere superstition or a search station where the secrecy of the universe in revealed.
When asked about one’s belief in astrology one question is always witnessed, does astrology really works? The only way to check if astrology works for an individual is to try and implement it in their day to day life. Sometimes it is sad to see people criticize the work of astrology without even the appliance of it.

“The Stars Hold All The Answers”, a phrase much associated with the study. The aisle through which the sun passes in the course of one revolution blazed the constellations and these stars sequence henceforth assisted the conception of zodiacs. Zodiac means animals and these shapes combined with the sun-signs are the figurative understanding of how the constellation looks. Astrology supporters have always acknowledged the universe as a field of constant effect and that every celestial object and their position interlinks to one another hence shaping every occurrence.

An example can be stated with the creation of Rome by the twins Romulus and Remus as this time was considered the symbolic hour of Gemini or the twins. Another interesting theory of Astrology and how it reforms is with the conspicuous chronicle of Adam and Eve, though they were created to be each other’s companion some arguments also speculate them as twins because Eve was created from Adam’s rib, this time was marked as the beginning of Gemini but when they were abolished from ‘Garden Of Eden’ their circumstances made them idolize and worship the cows and buffaloes on the face of earth, astrology seals this era as the emergence of Taurus or the Ox.
The sun signs could be further categorized into 12 signs along with the specification of elements of the universe i.e. fire, water, earth and air. It is of certain that these elements depict prominent characteristics and these attributes are seen in every individual; Example: Aries is often considered as a fiery sign with anger very much prevailing as a personality trait, according to astrology Aries is determined under the element Fire hence the vehement nature. Similarly, Taurus represents the element Earth and Libra possess Air, but study of zodiac is the most basic and mainstream ideology of how astrology works.
Another effective form of astrology in working is sidereal astrology, while zodiacs are a study of stars sidereal works upon the position of planets along with the two most important celestial body Moon and Sun. While zodiacs or sun-signs illustrates individual characteristics the location of planets within the constellations studied in sidereal astrology rather regulates the day to day happening and incidents. Sidereal Astrology effects one’s life in a more intimate manner. Though study of sun signs is derived from western astrology, the study of planets has its early records from the manuscripts of Vedic Era.
The placement on Sun in the readings depicts power and popularity in every aspects of a person’s life. Position of Saturn has a very compelling effect on a person’s life which could be both positive and negative, it is predicted that every persona is likely to get affected by the position of Saturn once in their life time. If a person is suffering from a sickness or a sudden injury the change in the point of Uranus in their reading might denote healing, physical relief or rest. After being derived from the Eastern culture of “Graha” or planets many cultures have adapted the theory of a birth chart formulated just after the individual is born. This chart interprets the placement of planets and stars which articulates many future episodes, achievements, downfalls in one’s life.

With that all being said and done its is very important to distinguish that the working of astrology doesn’t determines the future rather it predicts certain instances based of particular studies. It is imperative to understand that the forecast can always change from the time one is born to the coming future depending on the lifestyle choices and changing of circumstances along with it. Astrology doesn’t ask for blind devotion or constant anticipation about tomorrow but provides you with a certain path to follow that can administer an optimistic outcome.
- Deepanwita Dey


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