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Being in an Indian family, we surely know the importance of “daily soaps”. Yes, these are one of the most vital routines of a typical Indian lifestyle. Every day, from evening to night, televisions are occupied and these daily soaps are being given the maximum attention by the family members.

But the question is, how much worthy are these daily soaps? Is it really that necessary to give so much attention and importance to these daily soaps on a regular basis?
My answer is NO. These shows portrait utter disgusting content for the audience. They show things, which are not even relevant in real life. People constantly watch these, and get their minds occupied by all these irrelevant plots and stories that are being shown in the daily soaps.

I agree, that these bring a huge TRP to the channel, but why is it necessary to show things which will affect people’s thoughts?
These shows bring up the extreme level of every situation. Affairs, cheating, murders, kidnapping, and even multiple marriages. As adults, we at least know that it’s wrong, but there are minors who also are addicted to these daily soaps and all these events can actually bring a lot of disturbance in their minds.

These soaps show incidents which do not even take place in real lives. The crime serials show extreme violence and hatred.  They show murder cases which do not even take place in real life. These can actually provoke potential criminals in committing crimes and get away with it.
Just for some little audience attraction, some channels some far ahead and also show child marriage as a concept for their daily soaps. They also, mythologies and completely manipulate them according to their wishes.

This must stop, or most precisely, this has to minimize. There are some audience who do take all this very seriously and it does affect their thinking and mentality. For the sake of the audience, this must come to an end.

-Upasana Sarbajna
I am Upasana. I am from Kolkata. I am a student of Mass Communication and Journalism. I am a content writer and I write on different genres. Writing has been my passion from a very young age, and English has been one of my favourite subjects, always. English stories, short stories, novels, dramas have always been my field of interest. And further, I would want to get an opportunity in the advertising field as a content creator.


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