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The Crime Not Transcripted In Law Books

It takes a million of efforts put forward by two people to prosper in a relationship but just one mistake by a promiscuous individual to make it fail

Irrespective of the generation infidelity is not an art of an expert but a malevolent crime committed. A heart break through deception is in no doubt the difficult of them all. People often tend to forget that the circumstance of falling out of love doesn’t fuel a cheater. Rather it’s the act of an individual who disrespected someone not as a partner but as a fellow human being. Having strength is the word of wisdom in this time of dismal but also a far-fetched thought for the victim. In this Infidelity awareness day of May 2nd, the cruciality of discussing more about this malefic activity and the adverse mental disturbance an individual endures should be put forward.
Imagine witnessing the person you have been romantically involved in a compromising position with another individual. What is the initial dilemma? One might infer it to be sadness but many don’t know it’s the immediate shock that works on the psyche is. Trauma violent enough to make you stupor physically. The next action followed is the complete denial of the situation. Have you ever wondered why one shifts back towards their deceiving partner without an ounce of infidelity awareness? The psychology in the state of denial manoeuvres them to make excuses for their cheating significant other and once these same covers are voiced by their partners, they automatically believe it and manipulate their mind to forget the incident.

The reality has to be presented under a telescope for you detect the deeper scenario of the situation. If the fortitude supports and it results into your final departure from the toxic relationship, the continuing stage leads to abrupt and extreme grief strike. Emotions flood the ration barricades extending the distress. “It shall pass too” is an advice of the sane and shouldn’t be expected from an individual cladding with tremendous anguish. The perpetual questioning to gain a justification from the situation can worsen the mental state. Let me pull you back to the bitter reality, when a bond breaks out of betrayal from there is no scope of closure so stop looking for an insignificant sugar quoted answer. A famous line states “it is what it is” and that’s your final validation.   

Does sound the utmost implausible phenomenon but not very abnormal to a victim of infidelity. The lack of reasoning results into the only conclusion “It must be me.” The first contemplation that embarks on an individual’s mind after acquiring the knowledge of deception is that your partner was seeking pleasure from someone else. Experts also address this thought to be the most painful who’s reduction or elimination possess extreme difficulty. In this infidelity awareness day, the single most important aspect that should be clarified that if someone holds the capability to deceive you for their own pleasure its solely their selfish tendencies and has nothing to do with your qualification as a partner.

Being vindictive with a desperate attempt to hurt might all sound savage but the results are futile. Permanent decision out of temporary emotions is the wrong move. Crying and grieving over a lost nearness is natural human reaction and not a sign a weakness. Sabotaging this attitude or trying to obstruct yourself from facing the obvious consequences can only delay the healing. The only way to get over is to get through. Infidelity is surely life changing but not life ending and must be a cliched saying but the concept of light by the end of the tunnel is a phrase proven to its effectiveness.
Sleeping alone is better than sharing your bed with someone who consecutively shares their bed with someone else when you are not around 
- Deepanwita Dey
Amity University


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