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Swish your way through life!

Bored of your everlasting normal life? Need a bit of a kickstart in adventure? Let's swoosh through 10 such roller coaster rides, that will blow your mind!
Situated in Disneyland in California, Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland Tokyo, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland.
Space Mountain is Disney's most classic indoor roller coaster. Their theme being, outer space. This ride features exciting tracks to pick and choose from. With a speed to 28mph (*phewπŸ˜…) the riders zoom past asteroids, spaceships and stars, twisting and turning in absolute darkness whatsoever! That too in a single row rocket… Most thrilling ride ever, the next time you visit one of these places, don't miss this exciting experience.
The Millenium Force, located at Cedar Point in Ohio. One of the most iconic roller coasters of this Amusement Park, commonly known as Cedar Point Amusement Park. Named after the new millennium introduced in 2000, until it was beaten by Steel Dragon, a few months later. An entirely steel based ride.
My advice to all the spontaneous out there, if you happen to feel the rush, and you know it excites you, don't forget to hop onto this ride in Ohio. Make a stop at the tantalizing 310 feet height roller coaster where your heart beats at 93mph. A fact! No kidding here!
Steel Dragon, situated in Nagashima Spaland in Japan. Not only does this city have the world's busiest intersection, but world's longest steel roller coaster as well. 4 minutes of contentment reaching an 8000 feet mark. It is also known as the fastest non-launching ride reaching a speed of 95mph.
Living up to its name, "Dragon", feel free to ride and scream, throw up and live!
The Cyclone of Coney Island in New York, a historically famous coaster, built in 1827. This place has tonnes of rides and fun activities, apart from only roller coasteering of course… Suprisingly till date, all their rides have been working pretty well with enthusiasm. Some include 85 feet first drop, with 60mph speed and 12 drops.
Other interesting itineraries of Coney Island Boardwalk include candies for all ages. When you get a chance to rush, don't miss out on sugar!
It is considered to be one of the best Superman roller coasters of the world. Designated in the Six Flags Magic Mountain of California. Superman Escape from Krypton, takes you backwards 100mph within 7 seconds. Going all the way up a 41-storey tower. And with a sudden, whoop, it drops you 415 feet, on a 90degree track.
Quite breath-taking indeed!
One of the must go to places, if you are into heights. This ride should never be left out.
Formula Rossa, in Ferrari World Park of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, opened in 2010. Replicas the maximum speed of a Ferrari and as you can see in the picture, the train is made to look like the car as well. This ride has been considered the fastest ride in the world, ticking all the way to 240mpg.
The speed astounding up to a 240, riders are given safety goggles as well before setting off for their journey. How about you trying it out as well the next time you go there…
The Incredible Hulk, located at the islands of adventure in Florida. Not only does Orlando have the famous House of Mouse, but quite a few great roller coaster rides too.
Boosting you to a 150 feet track, the machine has 7 inversions. There are 2 subterranean trenches and reaches a speed of 67mph. Surely, living up to its name as well.
Goliath, located in Walibi Holland. A literal monster ride, in every sense of the name itself. Travels at 66mph along 3983 tracks. Accelerates a 152-foot drop. Includes bunny hops, helixes and a curved hill. Also known as a Mini Hyper coaster.
For enthusiasts of thrill, this is your take on life, another interesting place to visit if you're bored of all the museums in Europe!
Located at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Kingda Ka, ranks the tallest roller coaster in the world. With a height of 456 feet, this ride brings you to a level of 90degree vertical at 128mph in 3.5 seconds. After reaching the top, there's a 270degree spiral.
P.S.- Don't eat before you go!

Lightning Rod, situated in Tennessee, Dollywood. Being a fan of Dolly Parton isn't the point at all. If you're an enthusiast of such thrills, please go! What are you waiting for! A country crooner's amusement park ride. The world's first wooden launched roller coaster. It reaches 73mph, which is considered the fastest for a wooden based launcher. Falls at 165 feet, at the very first time of the drop.

So, here's a tip for all the adventurous enthusiasts out there. Make your life count and experience the thrill with spontaneity of excitement. Let go of yourself and loosen up. This is the time to live. If not now, then when …

-Namrata Dey


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