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Success favours the well-groomed: Grooming tips for men

Men’s grooming a subject often overlooked but it’s something which is as important as the counterpart that is women’s grooming, well the world has changed and so the expectation of women from men, no women like a man with messed up hair, dirty fingernails or with har poking out of their nostrils and ears.

A well-groomed man sends the signal of being more hygienic, a person who can take care of themselves a trait which is highly appreciated hence a well-groomed man will possess higher self-esteem and confidence, can draw a lot of positive attention and can make a lasting impression on anyone they are interacting with.
Here are some of the grooming tips that every intelligent man should follow that will help him maintain a polished clean look...
1. Shower- yes, it’s the most important thing if you want to stay well-groomed and clean. Take at least one shower daily, clean up your body and hair daily, even if you think you don’t smell that bad you probably do as most of the times we cannot smell our own body odour but others will and nothing worse than a man with bad body odour or hair full of dandruff and dirt
2. Take care of your fingers and toes: we must set a hand and feet care routine and trim our fingernails and toenail once a week as dirty fingernails will send the impression of you being unhygienic and someone who doesn’t care about anything. Even a monthly visit to a salon for a manicure and pedicure men shouldn’t be skeptical about
3. Take care of your skin: every intelligent smart man should develop a skincare routine, like washing and moisturizing the skin twice a day once when you wake up and once before going to bed and exfoliating it once a week this will help prevent breakouts by removing the excess oil from the face keep your face fresh and clean
4. Take care of your oral health: even if you are having a medical issue, go consult a doctor and fix it, there is just no excuse for bad breath and brushing your teeth two times a day anusual splash of mouthwash should able to take care of it
5. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free and your shoes clean: you don’t need to have all those expensive designer clothes or the even the latest sneaker from Nike to look good and presentable but make sure whatever you wear fit you perfectly, it's clean and ironed and your shoes should be covered with stains and dirt, trust me even if you are wearing a very expensive outfit and if your shoes are dirty you are still going to look DIRTY
6. Manage the hair on your head face and body: make routine appointments with your barber depending upon the rate of your hair growth get yourself a trim even if you are sporting a longer hair, a stubble or full beard regular visit to barber is important for the maintenance of whatever style you are sporting right now as letting your hair just grow like uncontrolled bush will make you look clumsy and unattractive

-Hanif Mohammad
Amity University


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