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Social Media: A Modern Drug

Social media is a big part of lives for many teenagers as well as adults also. Social media networking allows everyone especially teenagers to create online identities, communicate with others and build social networks which they think make them cool in society. Social media has gained a big amount of popularity over the last couple of years. People of all ages use social media to chat with their friends and family, teens also use social media for entertainment and self-expression. And the platforms can expose teens for many events, which allow them to interact across geographic barriers and teach them about a variety of subjects, including healthy behaviour’s. Social media that's humorous or distracting or provides a meaningful connection to peers and a wide social network might even help teens avoid depression, stress, and anxieties and many other problems.

However, social media use can also negatively affect teens, distracting them, disrupting their sleep, and exposing them to bullying, rumour spreading, unrealistic views of other people's lives and peer pressure. Teenagers who are addicted to social media spend hours upon hours each day watching videos posted by their friends without getting tired. Also, spending more than three hours a day on social media can have a negative effect on one’s mental health.

Many Doctors Claimed that teenagers who use too much of Facebook, Instagram, what’s app   more often show more narcissistic tendencies while young adults who have a strong social networking presence, it may cause more signs of other psychological disorders, including antisocial behaviour’s, mania and aggressive tendencies.
People who are too much addicted to social media networking life, starts losing their presence in real world they create their own virtual world and life their only and gets mentally disturbed after few times.
One of the most dangerous things that can occur is young online users are lured by online sexual predators, so to avoid this kind of problems user should not visit age restricted sites on Internet.

Another important thing is that nowadays children’s as well as adults avoid doing sports, exercises, and anything that adds productivity to life they all are affected and negatively impacted due to social media addiction.

Cyber bullying (it’s like blackmailing online) is one of the biggest issues involving social media. Cyber bullying is any form of bullying which takes place online or through smartphones and tablets. Social networking sites, messaging apps, gaming sites and chat rooms such as Facebook, Xbox Live, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other chat rooms can be great fun and a positive experience. This type of bullying takes place when someone intentionally humiliates, embarrasses, or threatens another person online for money or any other stuff. There are many ways a person may become a victim of cyber bullying. This form of bullying also does not choose any age, and therefore, anybody can be a victim of this online harassment.

Another serious offence is sharing of personal image unknowingly, it’s easy to save any pictures of anyone anytime on any site and upload them to the internet by editing them, so one should make sure that, one person's permission is needed  to take a picture and it’s not safe that thousands of people to see it on the internet. Be wary of tagging and using hashtags as this will send the picture out to a wider audience unknowingly then you may have originally intended, so think twice before posting anything online because once it’s out there you can’t take it back, and anyone on internet can access to it and you can’t even recognise them and they can edit it and can use it for criminal activities because it is easy for anyone to access things or data you make online to be taken out of context and this could be dangerous.

-Pallabi Ghosh


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