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Real Life Inspiration Of Movies

Apprehension rendered through the ghastly screams and blood curdling jump scares of the horror movies behold the capability to terrify us in our nightmares. The horror genre is vast and undoubtedly requires an effort of an eager beaver with the script and the audio effects to put forward a bone chilling masterpiece. The sleepless night after such a fight clutches to that one accord, “it’s just a motion picture.” But apprehend the scenario of the plot being true. The mere imagination of the characters holding a position in the mundane life just like you and yet witnessing such prodigious uncanny and terror is a thought that can question your hypothesis on the world.

Remember the horror we rendered when Hollywood introduced us to the phenomenon that serial killers aren’t constraint to masked man murdering night travellers but has reformed into innocent faced dolls that reside in our own vicinity. Needless to say, the word “Chucky” still holds the spot of terror for every 90s kid.

The real-life-event that inspire the audio-visual documentation originates from Key West. The story revolves around the family of a painter and author names Robert Eugene Otto who confessed the witnessing of their childhood toy Robert moving and changing positions suspiciously around the house. He claimed it to be the malefic work of the family servant who through her proficiency in voodoo cursed the doll. After Robert’s death another family transferred their habitat in the house and complained about the same sightings.

Conjuring series are such movies of the genre that not only gained fame through its exceptional acting but was a “talk of the town” in the box office. It was not the storyline or the excellent audio work that steered the fear meter but the authenticity of it being real life inspired. The mere comprehension that a certain family has endured the atrocious activities of such demonic influence.

Needless to mention the story is based on the acclaimed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The first story revolves around a family who recently brought a farm house in Rodhe Island and since then are prey to many supernatural and demonic actions under the roof. The climax of the non-fiction includes the couple performing an exorcism to hearse the demon once and for all.

Seeing the grisly man on the screen with a horrendous human face sewed on to conceal his own face has served icy chills down our spines. The ghoulish creature popularly termed as Leatherface by the American pop culture is nothing but a human who mercilessly and guts out his victim with that infamous chainsaw. We all hope to never encounter such terrifying incident the next time we are on a road trip.

Very view has gathered the frightful conspiracy that the plot is inspired by a real life occurring and to everyone’s horror it is far from being false. The convicted serial killer Ed Gein is behind the Hollywood’s most sadistic series of all time. Ed Gein was relatively reserved and shy in any social circumstance as accounted by his classmates. The ascendancy of Gain’s drastic mental and extreme psychological alteration has only his mother to blame. In a course of thirty years Gain was behind the brutal killing and literal butchery of many. The police have discovered many gruesome objects including fragments of human body parts. It was also configured that it was one of Gein’s victims’ skin that he wore around on his face as a mask.

- Deepanwita Dey
Amity University


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