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Rain, the most beautiful form of nature, its calm, and serene. It is the most relaxing form of nature that can be given to humans. It’s a gift indeed.
Rain can bring eternal peace and joy to your soul. A kind of peace that cannot be explained by words. Can’t be seen, cannot be heard. It can just be felt. Felt from within the depth of your heart. The first drop of rain, is the most peaceful thing to have ever existed.
When the first drop touches the ground, the smell of wet soil, in itself is the most elegant essence of nature. The rain gives you a lot f reasons to enjoy it. You don’t have to go out. You can just be in your house, and enjoy spending time with yourself which you barely do.
Sitting by the window on a rainy afternoon, reading a John Keats or Voltaire, while sipping from the cup of coffee is something you would never want to miss. Its like re-living your life. It like bringing peace that your mind craved.
Soft winds that slowly turn into wild storm, the sky that was bright with the sun shining, slowly gets dark. Like the sky wrapped itself with the blanket of clouds. The clouds that have different colours in them, grey black blue, like someone just painted the sky with every possible shade of blue.
The trees put on a different charm as the clouds appear. Like they have been waiting for them, like a lover waits for her long lost love. The leaves shine as the drops of rain slowly embraces them. Like they have been given a new life. A new purpose.
Have you ever stood under the rain? Just stand and not think anything. Not move, not think how your life is going, or about the future. It’s all just about how the rain seeps through your clothes and touches your skin. It is the most soothing thing one can go through.
The rain is like a blessing, yet a curse to some. Or can we just call it the blessed curse sent by the Gods above!

-Upasana Sarbajna


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