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Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of Public Relations.
When hypodermic needle theory was first coined by Harold Laswell in the year 1920 and demonstrated to be a success in many business sectors but as time advanced and with the emergence of the Uses and Gratification product and service providers thoroughly comprehended the importance of customer value and engagement. The study of Public Relations is recent who’s soul task is to create a harmonious relationship with the customers and clients to ensure their brand loyalty towards the company. Creating a major hype to allow everyone talk about the cause is all about Public relations but its all about brainstorming and constructing the outstanding strategies who’s reach will surpass the eyes of the target audience.
Haphazard work has never been proven an accomplishment. The art of impulse can be relative and while it can lead to some good approaches its always considered to acquire patience while selecting the goal for your campaign. Having a goal determines the path one knows to follow and hence the work process can be progressed without shock elements. Yes, there will be changes along the way depending on the results but creating a prominent goal is extremely crucial for the proper implementation of the plan.

Knowing your potential customer is the ultimate job of a PR professional. How well do you know your product and most importantly how well do you know the person who is purchasing it and how you will allure them by proving your company’s product is the best in the market fulfilling all their essential needs. Being familiar with your target is the first step. The target audience demography can vary from age to social status to geography. Making sure that the buzz is created around these estimated people can allow the company gain more customers.
The work of a Public relations professional is not just selling that task is well reformed by the advertisement field. PR is to make the people known to the product or company which surely cannot be achieved sitting in a desk in front of a computer. Organizing outdoor events in social grounds like malls and parks can assess in engaging people familiarizing them to the cause. You don’t necessarily have to sell anything but introduce them to the idea that your company believes in better customer service and proper feedback strategies, that the relationship doesn’t constrain itself to simple buying and selling.
Advancing through the plan without revaluating the results acquired after each step will just make the process a one-way street. Criticism are our best teachers. Through every stage a customer feedback column is mandatory. Knowing where you are wrong not only help us to understand the plot holes in our strategy but also help in reshaping the action plan of the company and redesigning the current product that caters to the consumer need. Always remember making the customer happy through your proposition is the first and the most important rule of any organization. 

- Deepanwita Dey
Amity University


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