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Prevention to be taken during Cyclone

Remember how Odia people joke about Odisha waiting for Cyclones like Bengali's waiting for Durga Puja? Yeah. Cause jokes on us We are expecting another Cyclone on this very day. Cyclone Amphan will be making its Landfall near the cost of Sunderban and Paradeep on 20th of may around 7:30 PM. It will be affecting the cost of West Bengal and Odisha and severe damages are expected. Other than these two states, Andhra Pradesh is also expected to face side effects of heavy rainfall.
It has already started raining Heavily in many coastal parts of Odisha and West Bengal and more than 4.5 lakh people are already evicted from the red zone area of Odisha and West Bengal. The NDRF teams are working continuously in order to save the people from casualties. As the Cyclone will hit the land. All water, electricity and cellular networks are most likely to get disrupted. And people are requested to stay inside their house and inform the government by Helpline in case of emergencies.

There are very few things you can do from your side that can save yours and your family's life as well as anybody in need. To take measures to prevent casualties.
So, here are some Measure to take during Cyclone
1.    If you live in a red zone for a Cyclone, evacuate the location immediately.
The government always marks the areas that are likely to get affected beforehand. If your area is on the list evacuate on your own if possible or wait for the NDRF to evacuate you to cyclone proof shelters.
2.    Inform your friends and family of your location.
Inform about your whereabouts to friends and family just in case something happens to you they would be quick to inform the NDRF to locate you.
3.    If you are sheltered at home, stay inside and Don't come out unless being told.
Heavy wind and rainfall will most probably have debris floating in the air and water that can harm you. So stay inside and stay safe.
4.    Check your doors and windows to be secured.
Make sure your doors and windows can withhold the wind and rain from entering inside the house. It will cause damage to property.
5.    Since cellular networks won't work during this time. Keep the radio on for warning and updates
Make sure you have a battery powered radio. Radio is the only way you can keep updated on the Cyclone. The phone will run out of battery and the TV needs electricity. So, the only way to get news is radio.
6.    Buy all the necessity items beforehand but don't hoard goods. Other people need it too.
Buy all groceries and food items enough for a month. As Cyclone and aftereffects damages might take time to recover but don't hoard items for selling purposes as it's time of emergencies and other People need food and goods too for their families.
7.    Check on the neighbors and keep updated just in case anybody needs help.
make sure your neighbors are alright as well and help them if you can provide them with. Especially help the old aged neighbors.
8.    Buy enough batteries for torches and emergency lights.
Electricity will be disrupted for up to days to a month as well (speaking from experience). So, make sure you have light during the night activities.
9.    Have a first aid kit ready
It is very important to be able to provide first aid or basic aid till taken to hospital or nearby health center. A small bandage might also save a life.
10.    Make sure you have enough drinking water.
Drinking water is also likely to get disrupted as electric purifiers won't work and water tank supplies might get on hold and drinking water from open water sources isn't safe during this time either.
11.    Comfort the children and don't panic.
If you are an adult then you will be responsible for the younger people and children at home. Make them understand the situation and don't panic yourself. If you go on panic mode then there won't be anyone to make a sane decision when crisis hits. Be ready for anything.
12.    If the walls of the house start breaking hide under a table.
The table will help to shield your head from getting hit by the concrete or wood directly. Sometimes takes are strong enough to withhold the debris. Don't scream and shout help will come for you as people will inform you if the house collapses. If possible, to have enough time to run out of the house then do it but if not hide understand the table.
13.    Follow the guidelines by the government.
Government often issues guidelines regarding what kind of Cyclone we will be facing and it will provide you with extra instructions that I must have missed.
[ Source: sand artist sudarshan Patnaik, Twitter]

-Durgesh Nandini Naik


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