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Nature has set the reset button

Amidst the sudden lockdown let lose worldwide, there's a huge transformation visible in the sphere of nature. A lot of deaths across the globe and other chaotic downfalls. The only possible reason for us to keep going, no matter what, are a few facts about nature and its offerings.

The improvement in air quality over the past few months of the virus has led to 11,000 fewer deaths from pollution in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Here's to the days when roads are clean, waste material is far less than the usual and life around seems to be at ease and peace.

While the pandemic continues to take a terrible toll - more than 220,000 deaths worldwide, since the start of this year - it has offered a glimpse of cleaner, healthier and greener environment possibilities.

It is now that many will learn the importance of all sorts of life on earth. As humans cannot live without people around them to talk to or interact, in the very same way, life and animals and people are closely connected to one another. Neither one can live without the other. This session will make people understand and accept for the best yet to come.

A few more places show pictures of clean Venice canals, Dolphins in Cagliari and swans in Milan which were all around the net… Some of the few signs of nature healing while people aren't around!

While air is, undoubtedly less polluted because of a drop in greenhouse gases' emissions, the impact of self-isolation on the environment is less than thought.

Well, animals are our friends! We can finally see them this close to our eyes now. Craving to go for a vacation and watch dolphin shows and what not… They're giving you a live performance at their most natural of forms in Italy.

Wildlife that typically kept away from the Italian coast and Venice canals appears to have returned, thanks to a lack of tourism and docking cruise ships.

Due to a decrease in the water-vehicle pollution, a footage showed two dolphins swimming in an Italian Port.

The usually packed city of Venice is now eerily quiet as life has come to a standstill. These two dolphins were spotted swimming by the port of Cagliari, which is the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia.

Never thought it would be so easy to see mountains so close from your window now. Literally. One of the other cherished moments right now, are the mountains that so many can see from wherever they are in some parts of India. Kudos to pollution having decreased to give us such a wonderful sight in such a long time.

For the first time, in 30 years, The Himalayas can be seen from India to Venice. This is one of the other beautiful side effects of Corona. Due to a drop in air pollution, these mountains can be seen from certain parts of India, where they weren't before.
Locals in the Indian region of Jalandhar in Punjab, have been tweeting pictures of the Himalayas from more than 120 miles away; now visible for the very first time in so many years.

The work that we as humans could not do, was ultimately done by this virus all alone…Taking what we have and what is offered to us for granted, has definitely put most of us today in a situation where we regret having done certain actions that caused horrible repercussions.

Coming down to the ozone layer!
I'm sure about the fact that all of you know how it functions?!
The ozone layer works as a protective shield as it prevents the Suns' ultraviolet rays - which can cause skin cancer from entering the Earth. The hole above the Arctic Circle could have posed several damages to humans if it had increased to populated areas.

The very fact that this layer seems to be healing from the times when we heard that the ozone layer would come to an end very soon, is one of the most positive news among all of them. Scientists confirm that the layer is on its path to recovery.

Recently, in Kolkata, after the rain stopped, a rainbow adorned the sky. The rainbow had appeared as the sun came out after a spell of shower from the clouds above. Social media went abuzz with pictures. After so many years, experiencing an arc in the clouds was an utter bliss to most.

These above-mentioned incidents and much more that we may not know, brings about a new life after the end of the outbreak. A hope that remains with the positivity still somewhere lingering, will make us grow from this experience and learn much more than we have already. All we need to do is remain consciously stable and live the virtual moments with content during these times. It is difficult, but not impossible. Nature is, indeed, at its best at the moment!

-Namrata Dey
Amity University


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