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Everybody loves a vacation whether its going to the beach or traveling halfway across the world to see the cherry blossoms. Taking a vacation can also help reduce stress, it can also help improve health. It helps increase family time and most importantly helps one make memories. Here are some countries that you must visit once.
For you travelers, Germany is just the place. It is one of the most visited countries in the world after all. With its beautiful coastlines, perfect and romantic hiking spots, beautiful villages this is just the place to relieve your mind. It is packed with countless attractions like the Onion Museum in Weimar, the Gnome Museum which is located in the Thuringian Forest. The sizzling sausages and sweet little ginger breads   ahh, what can beat those ?  Germany also boasts of mountains like the Alps, the Harz ranges and so on. The best time to visit Germany is usually around May and September.Some other famous tourist attractions are the Berlin Wall, Neuschwanstein, Black Forest and many more.
Zimbabwe is one of the most underrated South African countries in the world. With several hidden gems waiting to be explored,  Zimbabwe is home to four World Heritage Sites, namely Victoria Falls, Mana Pools National Parks, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and the Kama Ruins. The chances of spotting the Big Five (leopard, lion, rhino, elephant and buffalo) on a safari tour of the country’s well-renowned national parks is also extremely high. People who love adventure will be thrilled by the prospect of white water rafting and canoeing in the Zambezi river. The diverse landscape provides many unique photo opportunities for photogenic. It is one of the best countries to visit for explorers, the best time to visit is usually June to September.
To all those Indiana Jones fans, you probably already know what Jordan is all about. From floating in the Dead Sea to visiting Mt. Nebo and more on your trip to the land of epic adventures and lost cities, Jordan is a never ending land of adventure. If you’re a solo backpacker who’s open to new experiences, we suggest you befriend the Bedouins who are the semi-nomadic city dwellers that traditionally inhabit remote communities and make their homes in goat-hair tents. Several campsites in Jordan offer a taste of this lifestyle. During the day you can take a tour of the sand dunes and pyramids from the back of a camel. By the evening, you can take a walk under the desert stars or learn a few traditional dance moves and of course don't forget to visit Jordan's most famous attraction Petra. Indiana Jones is sure to be waiting for you there with a quest on hand.
Usually when people think of Indonesia, all that comes to mind is Bali. Comprising over 17,000 islands, there’s so much more to the country than what meets the eye. Indonesia is home to more than 20% of the world’s coral reefs. There are ample opportunities available for snorkeling and scuba diving for both beginner and experienced divers. The largest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur, is found in Java. T best time to visit the temple is at dawn  when you can catch the sunrise while standing at the top of the hill. The best time to visit Indonesia is usually May to September. This place is heaven on earth for people that love nature, beaches, mountains as it has them all.
Mummies, sphinxes, and tombs everything you've ever seen in a horror movie or Scooby Doo cartoons, they're all here in Egypt. But there is so much more to this land of the Pharaohs than people know. It has been welcoming and bewitching travelers from around the world since the dawn of time. With classic monuments in deserts, charming hamlets along the river Nile, expansive museums guarding thousands of years of history and artifacts. From lofty pyramids, to its amazing food and vivid and beautiful culture, this mysterious paradise is sure to give you one hell of a vacation. Some of its most renowned attractions include the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, Egyptian Museum and so on. The best time to visit the place is usually around April and October. This is one must visit destination.

-Namira Khan
Namira Khan is a student of journalism and mass communication in Amity University, Kolkata and is an avid reader and writer with a passion for art and photography.


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