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Murder of Sharon Tate

The year 1969 has been one of the most horrific year in the history of Hollywood. When I say horrific, I do not intend to use it as a sarcasm. That year, has actually been one of the most terrible years that had ever come across the American Film Industry.

Roman Polanski was the most talented and marvellous directors of that time. He was Polish by birth, and had an enormous fame in the industry both as a director and an actor. In the year 1968, he married one of the most beautiful actresses of that time, Sharon Tate.

Sharon Tate was famous for her extreme beauty and charm, and no one, even Polanski could resist it.  She was the most promising new comer in the industry and bagged awards for movies like Valley of the Dolls and The Fearless Vampire Killers. But who knew, that fate would bring her the most painful death ever.
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In the 60s, another name came into the limelight. It was Charles Manson. The Manson Family was a cult family in California which came into existence in the late 1960s and the early 1970s which was led by Charles Manson. This family had almost 100 of his followers who led a very horrifying lifestyle which included consumption of hallucinogenic drugs like LSD. Most of the group members were young females who belonged middle class and lower middle class families and were mainly brain washed my Manson about his thoughts on communal living.

In 1967, Manson was released from jail for the petty crimes he did and the entire family moved to San Francisco and then later to the deserted San Fernando Valley. One of the family members, Susan Atkins once said that the family believed that Manson was the manifestation of Jesus.

The family gained international attention after they brutally murdered Sharon Tate and four others on August 9, 1969. The names of the murderers that came in front were Tex Watson, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel. Linda Kasabian was also present, but she was not a part of the murder.

During the time of the murder, Sharon Tate was eight and a half months pregnant and was in home with Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, and Abigail Folger. Polanski was in London that time. The members of the Manson family later that night murdered all four of them. The housekeeper found their bodies in the morning and was informed to the police.  The police came to find a young man shot dead in the in a car in the driveway, which was later identified as Steven Parent.

In the living room, the bodies of Tate and Sebring was found with a long rope tied around their necks. On the front lawn, laid the bodies of Frykowski and Folger. Except for Parent, everyone was numerously stabbed to death. A report said that Sharon Tate herself was stabbed sixteen times.

In September , 1969, members of the Manson family were arrested for some petty charges, which eventually brought out the topic of Tate’s murder and they confessed that it was not the identity of the victims, but the house they lived in. It was previously owned by producer Terry Melcher, who was an acquaintance of Charles Manson, so he would end up killing everyone who lived in that house.

The murder of Sharon Tate is one of the most brutal murders that the world has ever witnessed. Her grave is in the Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California with her unborn son in her arms who was named Paul Richard Polanski after his grandfathers.
-Upasana Sarbajna


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