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Magnify your Glory by Namrata Dey

Siting happiness amongst fictitious self-thought, find yourself. Contemporary validation of self-doubt and acceptance of unreal goes beyond barriers. The true nature of being, in the purest form of content lies solely within you. The energy of feeling fly, once in a while and soaring through the clouds of nine you tend to achieve worth as a whole.
Your highness finds pleasure in the simplest of form and lowness takes a step back.

Soulful satisfaction of oneself at these times and the mere "feel good" factor of working that flex to contentment could last for a lifetime. It tends to take you that extra mile of hustle. Through the business of work and completing tasks that require a load of effort, one might require an extra push once in a while to achieve their goal. Definitely, it takes time, but not impossible, as the sheer act of doing, in itself takes a lot from a person.

Moments with the funniest of connotations of people and life around you, striving for what and who you actually are, become a key importance. Getting a bit of everything and presenting these variations anew, one finds themselves re-incarnated, an entirely different individual in the most positive way possible. Blooming only to spread the brightest of light and giving more than you take, which indulge in heavenly pleasures. Materialistic behaviours, not only take a hike, but also become rigid of their existence.

Overcoming sorrow with the joy of being gay and sometimes eccentric has a lot to offer when the days are coloured grey and black. Working and hustling hard for achieving amongst the bustle of someone and something, peaceful pleasantness proliferates in the perseverance of the people. Striking over the silver skyline and making oneself acknowledge that extra of pulling a muscle to gain a tad bit of excitement and enthusiasm gives cheerful content.

Painting your hues of sadness with the abstract colours of charm, soar through the life of hardships and take it up as a challenge to do better. Where you gain, you feel the pain as well. Although, struggling comes with its advantages and advantages come with patience and time. Magnifying the intensity of reluctance in perceiving the unconscious, your ability to make and remake gives strength to build a whole lot of new. It is contagious once you start and unstoppable once felt.

On this day of Labour's Day most commonly known as May Day, let's try not only to keep in mind the importance of work and enduring pain while work, but also thank our fortunate stars that most get acknowledged for their striving and working. Celebrating just a day for the millions who put in so much to make the cities look as attractive as they are today, takes a lot.

Instead, inspire and magnify your glory with the happenings around you and be happy even with the smallest of pleasures. A salute for all those working, even in the not so great way to bringing a change in lifestyle. There's so much more to the kinds of colour around you … much more than you think … What's yours?

-Namrata Dey


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