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Lights Out By Namrata Dey

Shining bright. These rays of colour that hang in deep to bring positivity every day for each and every one of us, gives a push for a better day to follow. It's the lights that bring us home and the power that sets us free. Each colour portraying something different than the other.
Being bold. Having strength and courage. Standing up for what isn't right. Women since ages have been told what to do and what not to do. It's high time the tables turned and the people knew that we have a life too. A woman in any sphere, handling anything is as important as a man. "Say what you wanna say and let the words come out, Honestly, I wanna see you be Brave!"
Each neon portrays a different story. It depends on which story you'd like to go with.
A flash mob! Spreading shades to your life. It's a festival feeling as well as a feeling of life and happening around you. Embrace the ethnic authenticity of hues spread amongst the joy of everyone. Commemorate the journey and surround yourself with contentment. You enter this world for a reason. Make sure you fulfill every bit of it. Don't let the regrets become a part of your journey only to leave you with the, "what ifs" and "buts" till the end.
Bring out the best in you. Never stop for your weakness. Make it your strength. You desire what you have trouble in chasing for. Let the impossible bring out the warrior you are. "You gotta work hard and play hard"... The Armour given to win the war hasn't finished yet. Fight till the end. Show it like you have it. Have it like you flaunt it. And flaunt it like you own it.

"Constant as the stars above, always known that you are loved, and my love shining in you, will help you make your dreams come true".
Enjoy the passion each colour has to offer. Let your inner feelings flow with connections of lights shining within you and around. Make your soul cherish for more! Feel the rhythm of the melodies and tunes of the bright. Fly and dream. Dream and become.
Let your soul ignite the fire within. Go ballistic for this is only the beginning of a new start and a new life. Your fears were once worth living for, let go and let it out. Be stubborn in the confidence of your presentation. Each day is a fight. Stand up for everything you should and feel the drift of positive vibes only.
"When the lights, turned down, they don't know what they heard; Strike the match, play it loud, giving love to the world; we'll be raising our hands shining up to the sky; Because we got the fire fire fire…"
Neons coming to life with their glory worth seeing! Feel the lights run deep… Let it shine the night out and bring merry to even those who've lost all reasons to live for. Everyone deserves bliss. It's your chance to make it happen, if you haven't already. When life gives you a chance, grab it!

You get to be who you are. You get to be who you want. You are comfortable when you are you. Shower confetti on those, who think they need you to change. Be true to yourself and no one else. Let the others take a hike for what they think. You are the truest in your form and you always will be. Who cares, if you don't. As long as it's worth it, be it. Even Charlie Puth rightly put it out there as, "I'ma tell em all, I'ma tell em all that you could either hate me or love me, but that's just the way Iam" isn't it?

On the contrary, know your worth. Let loose. Shine your way through. Let the light take over the dark and prove the ones out there who need to know that there's a lot more to just darkness. The brightest of its intensity and ignition of its curiosity makes you want to strive. Lean on to the upcomings to see a collision of downfalls for the effect to last longer. Bring on the trend because, "One day when the light is glowing, I'll be in my castle golden, but until the gates are open, I just want to feel this moment."

-Namrata Dey


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