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Life after Lockdown

A few months back,  we got the news of a new virus that surfaced on the Wuhan province of China, truthfully no one paid much attention in the beginning, not even the governments owing to information withholding that has been done by different agencies who were supposed to keep Nobel virus on the check and prevent it from becoming a pandemic but unfortunately, the measure they took was not enough, the world was not alerted quick enough.
Within a month or so we understood few things, this virus spreads very fast and its quite fatal, people contracted by it end up in ventilators, there is no vaccine or medicine to prevent or fight it and the virus has already spread to more than 100 countries. By the time we understood the virus we all were in deep waters.

The whole world went into a state of chaos, confusion, and panic but our brilliant scientist and doctors started decoding the virus, experiments started all around the world to study and understand the virus, how to contain it and find out an ailment, but when it comes to new virus coming up with a vaccine or drug to fight the viral disease is not that easy, the process takes time and time was something we didn’t have as the virus was spreading very fast, just imagine the coronavirus outbreak came to light on December 31st, 2019 and  now it has affected nearly 5 million people worldwide in more than 150 countries and this is the data after implementing stringent lockdowns in almost all the countries, yes when the scientist and doctors around the world saw that the vaccine or a drug is not on the cards for the moment, their best bet was to slow down the spread so that mortality can the reduced and provide authorities the precious time so that they can come up with a plan to defeat the pandemic.
By March 2020 most of the countries went into a state of complete or some form of lockdown where all the economic activity we suspended, office shops, schools, and universities we closed, transportation was restricted and people were only allowed to go out only to get essential commodities.

The main motive of the lockdown was to slow down the spread so that govt and other authorities can equip themselves to deal with this virus and also to make the people understand that it's only through social distancing and maintaining a high level of hygiene they can prevent themselves from contracting this deadly virus. Yes, scientists and authorities always knew that the COVID19 is here to stay it's not going to go away very soon but we have to figure out a way to continue our life with the least possible damage that this highly infectious can cause us.

The large scale lockdowns that happened in so many countries was supposed to aware, inform and educate us about the new virus that roaming the streets and which is going to be there for a few years, and it was also supposed to teach us how we live with it without letting it get to us.
Here are a few things that must be kept in mind in the post lockdown period to protect ourselves and everyone near us from this menacing virus
1.    Always wear your mask: whenever we go out, we should wear our mask this not only will protect us in case someone infected sneezes near you but also will make sure if you are an asymptomatic carrier you don’t infect another person so the mask is a must.
2.    Maintain hygiene and wash or sanitize your hands as much as possible, as hands are most vulnerable to contract the virus, we touch different things with our hand then we eat or touch our face with those hand and this is how we get infected so KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN!
3.    Avoid street foods or food that are cooked in the open or public places as those food has a higher risk of getting contaminated but it’s also true that your chance of getting contaminated with food item is very low, human to human transmission is our main concern but it’s better to be safe and avoid unhygienic food.
4.    Maintain social distance: even after the lockdown is lifted, we have to understand that the lockdown is over not he pandemic so even while doing our daily activities we have to aware about the distance we are maintaining when we are at the vicinity of other people.
5.    Sharing is no longer caring: we must avoid sharing food clothes or any other items as sharing things can cause the virus to spread so next time you order a pizza instead of large pizza for the whole group consider small sizes for each individual.

-By Hanif Mohammad


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